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Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

Jiu Jitsu is a self-defense system that uses leverage to overcome stronger opponents. It’s also what revolutionized the fighting world when...

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Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

About Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ)

More Than Sport. More Than Self=Defense. More Than Exercise. BJJ Is A Path To A Better Life.

BJJ Is Many Things.

Jiu Jitsu is a self-defense system that uses leverage to overcome stronger opponents. It’s also what revolutionized the fighting world when the Gracie family dominated the early Mixed Martial Arts(MMA) competitions in Brazil and then later in the US in the UFC. But Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is much more than just combat. It’s an intellectual adventure and one of the best forms of exercise for weight loss and gaining strength. It’s also terrific stress relief. We have many members from Santa Monica, West Los Angeles, Century City and more who come to our gym to learn self-defense, get in shape and burn off some steam in a safe and controlled environment.


Well, yes! Brazilian Jiu Jitsu comes from Japanese Judo. Many Japanese emigrants moved to Brazil in the beginning of the 19th century. This included some famous Judo practitioners. One of those practitioners, who specialized in the ground fighting aspect of Judo, befriended a Brazilian family called the Gracies. The Gracie family took Japanese Judo and expanded upon its principals of grappling and leverage. The Gracies’ eventually brought Brazilian Jiu Jitsu to the world when they started the UFC. One great thing about Brazilian Jiu Jitsu versus many other Martial Arts is that it is always evolving! Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is not bound by tradition. You can invent your own Jitsu – as long as it works to defeat an opponent, it’s Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. It’s harder than it sounds, but Jiu Jitsu today does have many differences from Brazilian Jiu Jitsu 20 years ago.

What Separates Robot’s Jiu Jitsu Program?

Besides our top level instruction and the personalized attention our students get, the thing that differentiates Robot from other Jiu Jitsu gyms and schools in the West Los Angeles and Santa Monica area is the camaraderie at Robot. We encourage a team atmosphere and students are asked to leave their egos at the door and come learn, sweat and enjoy the benefits of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu as a team and as friends.

  • Our Instructors. Hands down the best instructors in Los Angeles. Caring, passionate, friendly, still train and compete at a high level.
  • Our Facility. It’s the biggest and best Jiu Jitsu facility in Los Angeles & Santa Monica- full strength & conditioning area, showers, parking, huge mat space and more.
  • Our Students. Our students are awesome. No big egos, down to earth, strong sense of community.
  • Our Schedule. We have the widest selection of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu classes- choose from morning classes, afternoon classes and/or evening classes.
  • Our Policies. No tricky gimmicky salesy gym. Check out our Truth In Pricing here.

Life Is Now. Get Up, Get Out, And Get Something!

Robot’s Truth In Pricing!

  • Watch out for Brazilian Jiu Jitsu academies in Santa Monica & West LA offering a 30 Day “Free Trial” and using tricky pricing tactics.
  • We don’t trick our customers into paying more with “down payments”
  • We don’t trick our customers into paying more with  “initiation fees”
  • We don’t trick our customers into paying more with “belt fees” and other hidden costs.
  • Many gyms won’t disclose their prices until you come in (so they can hard sell you).  You can see our prices right here.



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2) You Have Trained BJJ Before?

  • Come try any BJJ class you like and see who we are!
  • We have an extensive Jiu Jitsu schedule (morning, noon and night classes)
  • We have passionate instructors who are also high level competitors.
  • We have a great community of students and an awesome facility!
  • No strong arm sales, no belt fees, no down payments, no initiation fees.


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