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RobotFit grew out of our need for an exceptional Strength & Conditioning program for our professional fighters. However, we found that...

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About RobotFit (An Alternative To Crossfit)

RobotFit is our Strength & Conditioning Program. It’s kinda like CrossFit, but without all the injuries.

What is RobotFit?

RobotFit grew out of our need for an exceptional Strength & Conditioning program for our professional fighters. However, we found that typical Strength & Conditioning programs like CrossFit and others resulted in too many injuries and did not provide the flexibility for various fitness goals. Furthermore, we couldn’t figure out what they were putting in that Crossfit Koolaid! Just kidding. We appreciate aspects of CrossFit, but we wanted something more personal, more flexible and safer for our students. With RobotFit, we sought to create a program that uses the same exercise our professional fighters use to enhance their athletic performance and overall fitness. Those needs are varied depending on the fighter, just as our clients have various goals. In RobotFit, you’ll work in a team environment, but get the results and customization of a personal trainer! Our instructors follow your progress, help with nutrition, keep you on track and will teach you the important technical aspects of real Strength & Conditioning. As we like to say, kinda like CrossFit, but without the injuries.

  • RobotFit was originally created as the Strength & Conditioning program for our professional fighters
  • RobotFit is different everyday so you don’t get bored!
  • RobotFit is a team environment with the accountability and results of a personal trainer.
  • RobotFit typically includes calisthenics, Olympic lifts, kettle bells, our weighted sled, battle ropes and/or hitting tires with sledgehammers
  • RobotFit always includes: i) teamwork, ii) laughing, and iii) lots of sweating.

What kind of benefits can you expect?

The good news is…it depends! Again, RobotFit is not a monolithic creature. It’s flexible and caters to different students’ needs. Many students come in for pure weight loss. Many want get stronger and/or faster. These are all benefits that you will discuss with your instructor so that he/she can help you shape your in class workouts, out of class workouts, nutrition and overall health care.

What Makes RobotFit Different?

  • RobotFit has some CrossFit like features but we put greater emphasis on technique rather than speed to make it safer and a better long term fitness solution. As we say, “kinda like CrossFit, but without all the injuries.”
  • RobotFit is not a one size fits all like CrossFit. The workouts are more flexible and cater to different needs and desires.
  • RobotFit instructors are awesome. They are passionate about what they do, follow your progress, help you with nutrition and make sure you are coming to class!
  • RobotFit students make a community. You will not be just a number at Robot. It is clear in every class that we are a team and everyone helps each other accomplish their goals in a friendly and supportive atmosphere.

What is a typical RobotFit class like?

In one word…AWESOME! It’s true! More specifically, it depends on the day and on your goals. Classes are never the same, but typically there will be some body weight work, weight weight work, teamwork, laughing, sweating, maybe even pushing our weighted sled and hitting things with sledgehammers. We recommend you just come in and try a free class and see for yourself!

Life Is Now. Get Up, Get Out, And Get Something!

Robot’s Truth In Pricing!

  • Watch out for other CrossFit-like gyms in Santa Monica and West Los Angeles offering a 30 Day “Free Trial” and using tricky pricing tactics.
  • We don’t trick our customers into paying more with “down payments”
  • We don’t trick our customers into paying more with  “initiation fees”
  • We don’t trick our customers into paying more with “belt fees” and other hidden costs.
  • Many gyms won’t disclose their prices until you come in (so they can hard sell you).  You can see our prices right here.


Want To Get Started With Strength & Conditioning?

1) Never Done Strength & Conditioning Before?

  • Come try a Free Class RobotFit Class and see what we are about!
  • We have 2 Month Intro To RobotFit (Strength & Conditioning) Program designed for total beginners.
  • Only 2 month commitment for beginners.
  • You will get in shape and learn real Strength & Conditioning technique.
  • Summer Special – only $147 for both months of Intro To RobotFit!! (Save $152)

2) You Have Done Some Strength & Conditioning Before?

  • Come try any RobotFit class you like and see who we are!
  • We have an extensive Fitness schedule (morning and night classes)
  • We have passionate instructors who keep up with their S&C education.
  • We have a great community of students and an awesome facility!
  • No strong arm sales, no belt fees, no down payments, no initiation fees.


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