10 Tips for Keeping your Muay Thai Gloves Clean

10 Tips for Keeping your Muay Thai Gloves Clean

Your Muay Thai Gloves Get Dirty:

Muay Thai is a sport about personal victories.  It’s about going a little harder and pushing yourself when you think you don’t have anything left.  And what’s the price you pay for working this hard?  The answer is sweat.  Trust us, you will sweat a lot.  It’s the currency of the mat.  While it’s easy to throw your dirty clothes in the wash, what do you do about your gloves?  We’ve compiled 10 tips for keeping your Muay Thai gloves clean.  As you can see below, most of these individual tips are just as important on their own as they are together.  The single biggest tip to take away: remember to always air dry your gloves!  It’s the simplest way to make sure they stay clean :]

How to Clean your Muay Thai Gloves:


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Here are the 10 tips for keeping your Muay Thai gloves clean:

1. Store them in a place that gets plenty of ventilation.  Hint: it’s not your gym bag!

2. Do they smell?  Put each one separately in sealed zip-lock bags and place them in the freezer overnight to get rid of bad odors.

3. Use an anti-bacterial wipe or spray to kill bacteria on the inside and outside of the glove.

4. Wipe down with a damp and then a dry hand cloth.

5. Hang dry when cleaning, giving them plenty of time to dry.

6. Not using them?  Place dry newspaper inside to absorb moisture.

7. You can also use Glove Dogs to absorb odors and moisture.

8. Keep them out of the washing machine and dryer! The leather can get ruined if the gloves get soaked or too hot.

9. Wear hand wraps.  They’ll absorb the sweat first.

10. Keep your hand wraps clean by washing them after every use.