4 Easy Solutions to Prevent Blisters While Weightlifting

4 Easy Solutions to Prevent Blisters While Weightlifting

Blister Prevention

Wear and Tear of the Hands:

Perhaps the most troublesome aspect of high repetition swing and snatch training, especially for ladies, is the wear and tear on the hands. Women clients, most particularly, are loathe to develop calluses much less deal with tearing those calluses. While proper hand care, consisting of shaving and filing large callus pads down regularly is vital, many trainees like to use some sort of protection during rigorous training.

4 Solutions to Prevent Blisters on Your Hands:

This is a very simple solution to a vexing problem. One can use 1. gymnast grips, 2. fingerless gloves, 3. athletic tape or 4. the sock sleeve, the most innovative solution.  The gymnastic grips and the athletic tape work by reducing friction between the hand and the bell. Holding the bell in the hook grip and NOT deep in the palm is another key component to avoid tearing calluses. This solution encourages the correct hand and grip position to the bell.

All one has to do is find a pair of medium thickness socks and cut the top elastic portion of the sock off. A two-inch section is best. I have found that crew socks, work best although feel free to experiment! New socks work best as the fresh elastic helps to keep the sleeve in the right part of the hand.

That’s it!! Pick up the kettlebell and start swinging and snatching to your hearts content. You will find that there is considerably less friction in the hand right from the start but with no extra bulk to tax the strength of your grip. The sleeve doesn’t roll up as you swing and encourages you to hold the bell in the correct part of the hand. You can use this all the time or just when you feel tender or hot spots on the calluses.

A very simple solution for keeping your hands in tip top shape and keeping your training on track. There’s nothing worse than wanting to train but not being able to do so because your hands are thrashed. In addition to learning about how to prevent blisters on your hands, there is an update on class and a tip to eating right included in this article.

Advanced Kettlebell Techniques


Coming up this week in Strength and conditioning we will be covering advanced double and single bell movements. Moves will include: The Clean & Jerk, the double snatch, the bottom up press, and much more. There will be a heavy focus on the kettllebell this week so make sure you take care of your hands and bring necessary blister prevention with you to class.


Tools of the trade


Having trouble sticking to your diet? Getting frustrated with not being consistent? Maybe you just need the proper tools to get you back on track. Here are some good ideas that can help take some of the stress out of your diet.

1. Have cookbooks / recipes readily available:

It’s always good to have a good cookbook lying around. It’s a great source for when you are bored or are unsure what you would like to cook. Having some fallback recipes can keep you away from ordering takeout and keep you on track.

2. Plan your meals:

Having a meal plan takes the guesswork out of cooking, and it really helps when it comes time to hit the grocery store. Even if you don’t plan every meal it’s a good idea to plan at least one or two meals everyday. Here’s a tip: every Sunday, sit down and think up all the awesome stuff you want to cook for the next week. It’s also a great way to get better at cooking and trying new things.

3. Set up a shopping day

Not every grocery store is health food friendly. Make sure you plan out what grocery stores / farmers markets you want to visit. This makes sure that you will get everything you need for the week and that you are buying proper food (Organic, non GMO) for your diet.


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