5 Awesome Routines to Exercise Without Equipment

5 Awesome Routines to Exercise Without Equipment

Hey everyone, with the holidays fast approaching I have been getting more and more requests for workouts that can be performed with little or no equipment. The purpose of today’s newsletter is to arm you with five workouts that all have different goals in mind. So if you find yourself on vacation or want to exercise without equipment, pick one of these workouts a day to help keep yourself in the fighting shape you’ve worked so hard to achieve.

How to Stay in Shape Without Equipment:

Before performing any of the below mentioned routines please remember to practice your flexibility and mobility drills for 5-10 minutes. Do not just jump into one of these routines without properly getting your body ready for exertion or potential injury may occur.
Also keep in mind that when training, your focus should always be on producing quality movement, not just trying to do as many half ass reps as you possibly can in the allotted time. The way to your goals is with quality not quantity.

With that being said I wish you the best in your training, if any of you have any questions regarding the movements or programming please feel free to ask at any time.

5 Body Weight Workouts:

1. Strength

A. Single arm push up x1/1
B. Pistol Squat x 1/1
Repeat for 10 sets

C. HBH x 45sec. (hollow body hold)
D. Bridge 3 x 5sec.
Repeat for 5 sets

  • Take rest as needed between exercises and sets. This routine should take about 25 minuets to complete.
  • If the exercises become too difficult to perform with proper technique, digress to a more basic movement.

2. Conditioning

A. Speed squats x 10 sets @ 40:20
B. Push up x 10 sets @ 20:10
C. Leg raises x 10 sets @ 30:15

  • This Circuit is based on the Tabata method, which means that there will always be a 2:1 work to rest ratio. After completing all sets of one exercise rest for 2 minutes before starting the next exercise.

Muscle Endurance

3 mile run: every quarter mile perform 10 jumps squats and 10 push ups. Do not rest after completing the strength exercises, immediately start jogging again to reap the full benefits of this training protocol.

  • To minimize wear and tear on your lower body joints pay particular attention to how your foot strikes the ground. When striking the ground the foot should be totally straight and your weight should gracefully transfer from the ball to the heel of the foot.
  • If 3 miles is too aggressive of a distance, this workout can easily be scaled to fit any shorter distance. Simply subtract a mile or half mile

4. Abs & Glutes

A. Single leg hip bridge x 10/10
B. HBR X 20 (hollow body rock)
x 4 sets

C. Kosach squat x 10/10
D. Plank x 30 sec.
x 4 sets

E. Donkey kicks x 15/15
F. V ups x 10
x 4 sets

  • Use power breathing with the abdominal exercises for this workout. Always keep tension in the stomach muscles to protect the lower back and maximize the benefit of the movement.

5. Whole Body Blast

A. Jump squat x 20
B. Push ups x 15
C. HBR X 20
D. Calf raise x 15
E. SL hip bridge x 10/10
F. Panther crawl x 20 sec.
Repeat this routine AMRAP in 25:00 (as many rounds as possible), rest as needed

Regardless of which routine you choose to perform always remember to use common sense when working out, even when exercising without equipment. If you feel faint, stop exercising, if you feel you have joint pain, switch out the exercise you are performing, and always remember to perform your mobility drills before and after your training session. Good Luck
-Coach Orion


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