Largest Facility in Los Angeles – Available For Rental!

If you’re a creative, smart and fun-loving personal trainer or instructor looking for a mentor, a space to train your students, or the opportunity to create & grow a student base while being able to scale your costs at the same rate, look no further.

Our goal is to allow independent personal trainers and teachers in the West LA area to run their businesses affordably and effectively while creating stronger movers and more body aware individuals. We have state-of-the-art fitness amenities, 3000 square feet of mat space and 9 Thai heavy bags. 2 bathrooms, 2 showers, a boxing ring, an Aerodyne Assault Bike, battle ropes, Olympic rings, Thai pads, focus mitts, 2 squat racks, two Olympic weightlifting platforms with bumper plates, Rogue training bars, plyo boxes, weight sled, etc.

Additional benefits of training your students at Robot include:

    • Access to multiple lines of strength & cardio equipment including full sets of dumbbells and kettlebells
    • A space great for group sessions
    • No minimum requirements regarding the number of students or sessions
    • A flat fee or percentage of your session rates to pay for renting space, therefore allowing you to scale your costs to your growth
    • Personal use of the facilities to train yourself
    • Ability to manage your own students and set your own rates and hours

Please do NOT apply if:

    • You hate fun
    • You have an enormous ego
    • You can’t follow through on commitments and deadlines
    • If movement patterns, mobility, flexibility, strength, force production and body awareness do not excite you

If it sounds like you might fit in around here then drop us a line; let us know who you are and what you’re all about. If we like what we see we’ll take the next step.

We’re not just a school — we’re a family! Come join us!