How to Avoid Common Mistakes in the Catch and Sweep

How to Avoid Common Mistakes in the Catch and Sweep

Common Mistakes When Catching and Sweeping

I am really happy with the way you guys are catching on to the new counters and drills.  In this article I’ll outline some common mistakes that occur with the catch and sweep and how to prevent them.  The key to a successful sweep is having two things: proper technique and correct timing. You don’t have to be strong or kick hard in order to sweep, but if your technique and timing are on point, you’ll be successful.  Below, I’ll outline common mistakes and how to avoid them when you catch and sweep in Muay Thai.

First you Catch : Catching the Roundhouse Kick

The Roundhouse kick is one of the strongest weapons in we use in Muay Thai. If used correctly, it can be really effective and inflict a lot of damage on an opponent!  Because it is so powerful, we must treat the kick carefully when trying to catch it and make sure not to take its full impact. In order to avoid the main point of impact we must step away from the kick before catching and locking it.  This increases the distance the kick has to cover as well as the time the kick will take to reach you.  Since your opponent is aiming for where you were, hopefully you’ll be grabbing it as it is no longer accelerating (remember: Force = mass x acceleration).  Once you have caught the kick and secured it, push your partner back.  Time their hop backwards before countering with the low kick.

Then you Sweep : Countering with the Sweep

Timing and completing the sweep can be a little difficult at first. Make sure to push your partner back quickly while maintaining good posture. We tend to lean forward when pushing them back, try and focus on keeping your back straight. Now to complete the sweep you must time your partners foot as they hop back and use the low kick. Remember to step out before throwing the kick the same way you would when you kick the bag. The deeper you get behind your partners leg the more effective it will be(try sweeping with your shin not you foot).  Think you have a hang of it?

Here’s a cool highlight of sweeps by the best in the game!


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