Bots Martial Arts Summer Camp Recap

Bots Martial Arts Summer Camp Recap

Hey Bots and Bot Parents!

What a great week of summer camp! We had a great time working with all the Bots who participated. We had a lot of fun and we learned a lot about ourselves and others.  In all, we hope that you’re as proud of your Bots as we are.  In this post we’re going to go over some of the ideas we worked on and pictures from the week. We will continue to work on these things in class at Robot! :]



1. Communication:

– We worked a lot on speaking loudly and clearly and making eye contact with those we speak with. We hope you saw some changes there and keep encouraging your children to be heard!

– We also worked on active listening and paying attention to those around you.

– Lastly, we spent a lot of time working with the kids to communicate their needs / desires in an adult manner. That means instead of whining and complaining, the Bots are asking for what they need in a mature fashion by telling us why they had such a need.

2. Goal Setting:

– We also spent a couple of days discussing how goals affect performance and how to set goals. The big lesson was that you achieve more with a goal! Also – goals must be challenging but not impossible or they don’t work!

3. Mental Toughness:

– We encouraged the kids to accept that not everything will be pleasant or easy and that challenges are part of life. Part of achieving is pushing through the the tough parts in life in order to get to the good parts.

– We discussed that hard work is the only way to get better and we emphasized that no one starts off as the black belt – no one is born an expert. Diligent and refined practice is what brings achievement!

– We also stressed self-reliance. If the kids wanted something – (a snack, a lost shoe, etc.) they were responsible for getting it or finding help to get what they wanted.

4. Measure Yourself Against Your Own Achievement (We Are A Team):

– It was really important that the children understood that we are a team, working to further improve ourselves and our teammates. We tried to make sure they all understood they should measure themselves according to how far they had come and not compare themselves to others.

– We also decrease the importance of winning. The most important element was that students pushed themselves as much as they could and realizing that they were able to exceed their own expectations if they set their goals properly.

5. Focusing on the Positive:

– This was our biggest emphasis throughout camp. It is natural for us to focus on the negative, but we can turn that around with practice! We encourage you to keep up with the 3 Positives Exercise. As a reminder, that means – at the end of the day – they need to tell you 3 positive / good things from their day. It must be from that same day to show that there is always something good that happened!

And of course, we emphasized fitness, martial arts and healthy eating (except on our Fun Day when we treated them to pizza and ice cream :]). They all worked really really hard! I hope you are as proud of them as we are!


There are some photos and short, Vine videos on the Bots Facebook page :] :]

I encourage you to take a look (and like the page so you see more upcoming events!).

We will see all of you tomorrow for Brazilian Jiu Jitsu class. OSS

-Coach Tim and Coach David