Bots Martial Arts Update for May

Bots Martial Arts Update for May

Belt Promotion and Movie Night Success!

1) Bots Belt Promotion:

On Saturday, many of the Bots came out to demonstrate their improved skills and it showed! We practiced, sparred, and then tested our take downs, guard passes and sweeps. We have been covering a lot of single-leg takedowns, sweeps from the spider guard, and back takes and everyone was able to perform these core movements during drilling and demonstration, but more importantly, these techniques were also implemented during sparring.

Congratulations to everyone who received their technique stripes as well as Owen, Seth, Chris, Riha and Reyna on receiving their new belts! OSS!


2) Bots Movie Night:

Later that same Saturday, many of the Bots and their friends joined us for Movie Night. We had a great time! After everyone shuffled in, the energy was HIGH and so EXTREME DODGEBALL started off the evening. As Bots and Coaches warmed up, the games grew more competitive. Fast forward to the height of the competition: Coach Mike Martinez had eliminated everyone except Alex Sandoval from the Bots team and it was just the two of them on the mat, each with one last attempt to win for their side. Alex deftly threw his shot and it scraped against Coach Mike winning the game for the Bots team!

After the Bots ate some fresh BBQ, we all settled in to watch “Spirited Away.” The energy of the Bots began to rise and so more games of tag, dodge ball, hide and seek, and, of course, FAT ZOMBIE ROBOT ATTACK DANCE PARTY closed out the night. The winners of the Dance Party received one of the new Bots T-Shirts!


Thank you to everyone who came and we look forward to our next event!

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