Brazilian Jiu Jistu Move of the Month | December

Brazilian Jiu Jistu Move of the Month | December

Cross Choke from Closed Guard

This month’s video is brought to you by Coach Drew and Coach Luke as they go over the Cross Choke from Closed Guard.  This basic submission is useful for anyone who feels like they get “stuck” in closed guard.

Follow these steps to learn the submisstion:

1) Start with yourself in the closed guard with your feet locked in behind your opponent.
2) Posture yourself up by coming up on your elbow and then your hand.
3) Use your other hand to go deep behind the collar of your opponent and grab a tight grip.
4) The other hand goes deep behind your collar and grabs a grip
*Tip: your hand should be positioned up so your wrist bone is firmly against your opponent’s carotid artery*
5) Pull down, breaking your opponent’s posture.
6) Use your other hand to karate chop your opponent’s neck and grab some material of their gi.
7) From there, keep your second hand strong as you pull your first hand back towards yourself, like a lawnmowner.
8) Get the choke.

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