Happy New Year & 2-for-1 Intro Special!

Happy New Year & 2-for-1 Intro Special!

Hey all!
Happy New Year to you and your family from everyone at Robot Fight & Fitness (puppies included)!

Classes are now back in session and as we make our way through our first month of 2014, it’s important to keep in mind that consistency with our commitments is will accomplish our goals! Just as we roll in a new year and another chance to improve ourselves, we need to renew our commitment to our personal goals as well as those of our team – one of the great things about training at Robot is that everyone is learning and training together. Every workout you attend not only moves you closer to your goals but also helps the rest of the Robot family work hard, stay sharp and move forward on their own path as well. :]

Bots Getting Swol!

The New Year is just time a time for students to renew their dedication to training – it also the time when the Coaches and Staff at Robot have to renew their commitment to quality! As you have experienced in class, every Coach at Robot is a specialist in their field and also very experienced in conveying this specialty to their students. Every day of training spurs growth in both students and coaches – not only in each Art we train in, but also our ability to give and receive information effectively. The importance on effective teaching and learning system is one of the core elements of Robot.

Every so often, I’ll get the question, “Why the name Robot?”

There are a few reasons for the name Robot, some more silly than others – but one of these reasons has always been the same – the understanding that all the components of Martial Arts are most effective when the instructor is able to communicate their Art effectively. We selected the name “Robot” and the slogan “Upgrading Bodies by Installing Minds” because of this tenet – Robot was never about a single-individual instructor and it certainly was never about who was the strongest or meanest.

Instead, we strive to emphasize that Robot is about all of us. All of learning and teaching together. Some of my absolute best techniques are those that I worked on with my training partners back at UCLA – I have always wanted that open-minded, collaborative mindset to grow at Robot and I’m proud to start 2014 knowing that these pieces are in place. And I’d like to remind you that we are here to help you on your Martial Arts journey in every single way that we can. Your Coaches are all available to answer questions, provide insight and help you grow – whether by providing training tips while you’re injured, suggesting videos for study or helping you arrange your training schedule in the most effective way possible. With the right “hardware” and “programming” we can all move towards our ideal, self-actualized versions of ourselves.

And as the Students gain experience and expertise, they eventually become Masters – and then this group continues to refine and relay this information to eager Students.

We have a very strong team and community at Robot and we are all committed to helping each other in the most effective ways possible. Let’s have an amazing 2014 and use our combined efforts to create the healthiest, most effective and most enjoyable road for the journey of the rest of our lives. Let’s do this together! OSS :]

-Coach Tim

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