Why Kettlebell’s?: 3 Important benefits of complex training

Why Kettlebell’s?: 3 Important benefits of complex training

Why Kettlebell’s?: 3 Important benefits of complex training

First lets me define just exactly what a complex is.

Complex: A series of compound exercises performed sequentially without rest in which all the reps for one exercise are completed before moving on to the next exercise in the sequence.

I believe the true power of complexes if fully revealed with the use of kettle bells. The shape of the kettlebell allows for more torque and therefore more stimulation of the affected joint musculatures. Plus, when performing ballistic exercises, there is a longer stroke when compared to traditional barbell and dumbbell variations. Therefore, since complexes were originally designed to improve multiple motor qualities using a barbell / dumbbells, it stands to reason that using kettle bells will only enhance the improvement of those particular motor qualities.

To simplify that: kettlebell complexes kick ass and you should do them a lot. Now here are some fun reasons why you should have complexes in your training regime.

1. Fat Loss
Because the lactic acid production production can be so high while performing kettlebell complexes, growth hormone is released and lipolysis, or fat-burning occurs. Studies by William Kramer and his colleagues have demonstrated that the body releases growth hormone in response to large amounts of lactic acid in the blood stream. Growth hormone is released in various ways: at night while you sleep, in response to specific dietary guidelines- low carbohydrate, high fat, and through exercise.

Compound lifts produce fat loss through another mechanism: EPOC, or Excess Post-Exercise Oxygen Consumption. That’s just a fancy way of saying an elevated metabolism. Performing kettlebell complexes can elevate you metabolism by 20% for up to 38 hours. Thats HUGE!!!!! That means if your body requires 3000 calories a day, for the next 38 hours you will burn an extra 500 calories. Thats almost the amount of calories spent during a hard workout. Do I have your attention yet?

2. Increased Lean Body Mass
What is the number one necessity for muscle gain? tension, be it slow or fast, tension is the name of the game. The time under tension for the average complex is 60 seconds, right down the middle of the 45-75 second time under tension philosophy used by many strength coaches. But heres the really cool part (I think it’s cool) When performing longer complexes , tension will shift from one muscle group to another, exposing multiple muscle groups to various levels of tension. This means that by performing complexes there is greater potential for lean muscle growth in all of the muscles involved in the exercises.

3. Decreased Training Monotony
Let’s face it, some of us can use the same five exercises over and over and make great gains by changing the order in which they are performed. Others of us need a lot of change. Louie Simmions, Westside Barbell Club powerlifting guru, says extroverts need lots of variety in their training programs and introverts, less variety. If you are extroverted you’ll love KB complexes. Every training session can be new all over again, just by changing one exercise. And, not only that, you can make constant improvement just by using the “same but different” principle. For example, you can swap out a double military press for an alternating press and still make great gains in shoulder size and strength. Another day, you can follow the exact same lifting program, but instead of using two bells just use one. The variety is endless. So if your an extrovert like myself you never have to be bored with the same old workout.

Overall Complexes are about efficiency. They are one of the best “bang for your buck” training protocols out there. So get to coach O’s class and start swinging some kettlebells. This week we will be doing plenty of complexes 😉

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