Muay Thai Clinch and Counter Knees

Muay Thai Clinch and Counter Knees

Muay Thai Clinch and Counter Knees

What’s the difference?

The Muay Thai Clinch is the grappling aspect of the sport. It can be used to deliver strikes or as a way to control an aggressive opponent. Grappling is used in many combat sports but what makes the “Thai Clinch” different is that it permits the use of knees, elbows, and punches.

Counter Knees are used outside of the clinch. Although you can still grab a hold of your opponent while kneeing it is not the act of grappling. This type of counter strike can be very effective against an aggressive fighter or a strong puncher.

When to use Muay Thai Clinch?

You will always use the Thai clinch when doing Muay Thai. If you’re the taller fighter you will use it to tire out your opponent and use your height advantage to strike. If you’re the shorter fighter you will use it to close the distance. Against a puncher you can use it to control their arms while striking. You can also use it to land strikes on a fatigued fighter or use it to rest while you’re tired. At one point or another you will end up in the clinch when fighting. Get used to CLINCHING!

When to use Counter Knees?

The best counter against a punch is a knee strike. You can block or parry the punch to close the distance or to set up a long knee. A fighter does not have to be moving forward in order to counter their punches. A fighter who is constantly attacking can be countered easily by using long knees and side steps. The knee is one of the highest scoring strikes in Muay Thai.

What are the risk?

Going against a strong clincher. You can either win or lose a fight in the clinch.

Elbow strikes are the best counters to knees.

Getting knocked out by a strong puncher. Make sure to keep a tight guard at all times.

Being fatigued in the clinch.

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