The Muay Thai Learning Curve

The Muay Thai Learning Curve

Muay Thai is a complex sport.  It’s always evolving.  So in order to effectively talk about the learning curve in Muay Thai, this article is broken down into different sections depending on a person’s skill level.  Feel free to read the whole article regardless of how long you’ve been training.

New students:

If you have never trained Muay Thai before, you will be excited and eager to learn so many things all at once.  It is important to be patient since you will be given a lot of information. Some of you will pick things up right away and be ready for the next phase, others may need a little more time. The key to constant improvement is to shadow box.  Shadow boxing will not only allow more repetition of each move, but will also give you a chance to see the way you look while doing it.  If you cannot shadow box in front of a mirror, stand under a light.

Things to look for while shadow boxing:
• Hands up, chin down
• Posture
• Stance
• Is this what coach looks like? 😉

Students may be overwhelmed by the fundamentals of Muay Thai. There will be several things you must learn before moving forward. Stay consistent in class and you WILL get it!

Intermediate Students:

You have been training for several years and it’s starting to make sense! Sparring is becoming fun and more of a game now. You are not scared to get hit and are getting hit a lot less. This is the period where you experience the fastest growth in your Muay Thai journey. Pad work begins to start feeling natural as you feel the rhythm in your kicks and punches. This explains how someone can rapidly grow from a beginner into a top level fighter in the sport. The fast acceleration period is where people with a good work ethic, focus, and natural ability start to pull ahead of the rest in terms of the learning. If you are a keen learner and have the right environment, you can grow rapidly in the sport.

Advanced Students:

Once we go through the slow beginning and fast acceleration period of growth, we now enter the final stage of the learning curve: the Plateau. In this phase, learning new techniques become less frequent because you have already ingrained most of the techniques into your mind. The more you learn, the less growth you will begin to experience. In order to improve in the plateau phase, you will need to consciously make an effort to improve. This is what separates people who have been training the same amount of time, but have a huge difference in skill level. You will now understand that breaking down a move is an art form in itself and you must focus on each step to see results.

Muay Thai is a sport that is constantly evolving, you will always have something to learn.  The longer you do it the less you will have to learn. Once you feel like you have mastered the sport you will go back to polishing the fundamentals.

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