Robot Fight & Fitness: October 2014 Newsletter!

Robot Fight & Fitness: October 2014 Newsletter!

October Update:

“Fall seven times and stand up eight” – Japanese proverb

Since it’s the beginning of October and we’re almost to the spookiest time of the year, we’re going to talk a little about a scary topic: fear, intimidation, and getting outside of your comfort zone.  Now, as we all know, doing martial arts will put you in some pretty uncomfortable places.  You get knocked on your butt from a bout of sparring or trapped underneath someone’s sweaty mount.  But when this happens, you always have two choices: either give up or keep fighting.  You may get uncomfortable, but the only way to get back up is to make a conscious decision not to give in.  Like the Japanese proverb says, get up more times than you fall down; keep trying no matter the odds.  Always have one foot outside of your comfort zone and you’ll never know limits to what you can accomplish :]

That’s the inspiration, now let’s get on to the information.  And boy is there a lot of it.  Prepare yourself to be more informed than you ever thought possible!

1) ANNOUNCEMENT: Robot’s 7:00am Muay Thai class

Coach Daryl is taking a break from coaching, but the 7:00am classes will still be held at the normal time.  As of now, the Mondays and Wednesdays classes will be taught by Coach Domo and the Friday classes will be taught by Coach Huerta.  If you’ve been attending these classes, continue to do so!

2) Labor Day BBQ Potluck was a HUGE success:

Thank you to everyone martial-arts-gym-communitywho came to our post Labor Day BBQ!  If you were unable to attend, you missed out on great food, from spicy sausages to homemade triple layered cookies (yum), great company, and some great fun!  We had a big turnout and were able to stream the fights as we enjoyed our food.

Do you want us to continue holding events like this?  Let us know on Facebook or at the front and we’ll be sure to plan more fun stuff!

3) Robot Recommended Reading List:


Are you looking for something new to read?  Well, we compiled a list of some books that we feel are crucial for anyone wanted to learn how to unlock their human potential or how to skillfully deal with conflict.  If you’re in the market for a new book, we highly suggest checking these ones out!

Find the full list by clicking here:
Robot Recommended Reading List.

Let us know if you find one you like :]



4) Andrew becomes the IBJJ US National Champion:

Congratulations to Andrew for winning the US National Championship in his belt and weight division!  If you follow our Instagram: @robotfightfitness, you’ve seen the medal.  It’s a great looking piece of hardware that Coach Andrew added to his collection.  Great job Andrew!  Your constant studying and training continually pays off.  Keep up the hard work.



5) Domo wins No Gi at Five Grappling:


Congratulations to Domo for his continued success!  He recently won the No Gi tournament at Five Grappling in his belt and weight class by finishing the finals with an arm triangle.  Coach Domo’s victory comes as a testament to his commitment to working hard every single day.  It’s not an easy thing to continually stay in fighting shape, both mentally and physically, but Domo does what it takes to stay prepared.  The man is a machine!

6) October 11th – Coach Domo’s
upcoming MMA fight:


Hollywood Park Casino: Domo will be fighting in MMA again! After winning his MMA debut by an armbar in the first round, Coach Huerta has set up another fight for him on Saturday, the 11th.  He’s kept up the hard work, staying lean and limber, in order to be ready for this next competition.  This one should be just as entertaining as his last one.

Buy your tickets at the front desk!

Who: Coach Domo
What: MMA fight
When: Nest Weekend: October 11th.  Doors open @ 5pm. Fights start at 6pm.
Where: Hollywood Park Casino at 3883 W Century Blvd, Inglewood, CA 90303

7) Student of the month: Joe Epstein

Where are you from?
N. Miami Beach, FL

How long have you been training with us?
I started the intro class about a year ago – last Sept

What got you started?
I had been going to a traditional gym for some time and was thinking about a change. I came by one late afternoon – about 3 or 4pm or so and saw, well nothing. Coach Robbie and a couple others lounging on the couch, you know, doing like nothing. No lifting, punching, kicking, rolling.
It was actually super awkward. And I knew right then that Robot was where I belonged.

What is your favorite part of training at Robot?
The place has a slightly bizarre, very dry sense of humor about it. But rather than being consumed by its own inside-ness, Robot its actually very inclusive. Plus, they have a great array of foam rollers.

What are some of your training goals, have you made progress on them?
I had two primary goals: 1.) to address some muscular imbalances that emerged from traditional weight training which were causing back, neck and shoulder pain and 2.) learn how to fight.
I can happily say that I am pain free as I’ve become a devotee of the benefits of deadlifting (thanks Coach O). As for my progress as a fighter, I think I still have a ways to go.

If you could dive into a pool of any food item what would it be?

Any helpful tips on staying motivated?
Go when you are supposed to go. If you need to complain or kvetch while you’re there, that’s okay.

If you could have one superpower that only activated when you trained, what would it be and why?
If I had a superpower, why would I need to train?

AND a little about yourself, anything you’d like to share with the gym, or question you’d like to answer that I didn’t ask?  Hobbies?  Any life advice you’d like to give?
No advice, just a heartfelt thank you to the coaches and students of Robot. Its a privilege to be part of your community.

That’s the info for this month.  Thanks for sticking around!
The Robot Family :]


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