It takes more than just training in a cage. It takes top level BJJ & top level Muay Thai to succeed. And that’s our specialty.


Mixed Martial Arts began in the United States with the UFC. It pitted all martial arts against each other to see which ones really could claim to be the “best” Martial Art. Almost all Martial Arts claimed to be the “best,” but when put to the test, the Gracie family from Brazil, with their own version of Judo called “Brazilian Jiu Jitsu,” dominated the tournaments. As the sport grew, it became clear that the best form of fighting was a mixture of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Muay Thai Boxing. Today, all the top fighters in the UFC train Muay Thai and BJJ and the combination of those two arts has come to be considered a new art, MMA. Robot has the best Muay Thai and Jiu Jitsu programs in West Los Angeles with a strong focus on wrestling. Our MMA fighters also compete in BJJ and Muay Thai at high levels. We build fighters who are masters of all elements of MMA.


It has been proven time and again that MMA is the best form of self-defense. If the combination of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Muay Thai work against a trained opponent, imagine how effective those arts are against an untrained attacker on the street. In addition, MMA is a phenomenal method of training and provides a myriad of benefits. We have many members from all over Los Angeles who come to our gym to train MMA because they are interested in self-defense, getting in great shape and/or competing one day. And there is no better way to blow off steam! We offer an exciting and safe environment for training Mixed Martial Arts.


People have different goals when they first start at Robot. Regardless of what those goals are, our students stay with us because they find that we have a warm and welcoming community. We recognize that our programs are for people who have not yet developed their own level of strength, confidence or whatever their goal may be, to the degree that they would like. By taking the first step and trying a class, you are trusting us to help you move towards your personal goals and you’ll find that everyone on staff is still a student themself and that helping others achieve their goals is what inspires them everyday!

Because of the way our martial arts are practiced, the actual resistance and dynamics of sparring are all super safe to engage in. That is what allows them to be so effective! You won’t master these moves fully unless you can practice and execute your movements with the same intention and resistance that you expect to encounter in competition or a self-defense situation. Our practice has grown from the traditional format used at many schools into a complete system of awareness and movement.