Robot Announcements: Dec. 10th 2013

Robot Announcements: Dec. 10th 2013

Hey all!

A handful of announcements for our last month of 2013! Keep in mind, this is the time of year when many will begin to slow down on their training / diet and start procrastinating until January of 2014. Do your personal-Robot-programming a favor: instead of waiting for 2014 and trying to build momentum, train hard and consistently throughout this month, take just a couple days off for a break, then gather up that still-growing momentum and bust out of the gate in 2014! You will be many steps ahead of those that wait on the sidelines – while also taking a leadership role among your friends, family and training partner. Show them your commitment and you will inspire those around you! OSS :]

1) Additional Classes: Muay Thai Fundamentals / Women’s Muay Thai / Intro to MMA / Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

We have a few new classes and Coaches at Robot so let’s try and make it to their classes and see what’s going on!

Muay Thai Fundamentals is a beginner-level class taught by Coach David Huerta on Mondays and Wednesday from 8pm – 9pm. This class is intended for students of all levels, but mostly those who are newly out of the Intro to MMA program. Not only that, but Coach David’s Monday / Wednesday / Friday 6:30pm Muay Thai class will now be extended until 8:00pm. OSS! :]

Intro to MMA has an additional section on Tuesday and Thursday at 8pm with Coach Robbie. This class has been going on for about a month now and is a great chance to get some work in later in the evening (if that’s your style).

Women’s Muay Thai is now being taught by Coach Angela H. on Tuesday andThursday from 8:30pm – 9:30pm. She has been teaching the class for a few weeks now and already sharing many of the techniques and strategies she uses to win her fights! OSS

Last but not least, Coach Luke D. has stepped up and has been teaching the Tuesday /Thursday Brazilian Jiu Jitsu class at 8:00pm. Additionally, he is starting to help out in the mornings at as well, teaching the Brazilian Jiu Jitsu class at 7am on Tuesday. OSS


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Left: Top, Coach Luke DeRobbio. Bottom Coach Angela Hancock.

2) Holiday Hours: Closed 12/24 + 12/25; Closed 12/31 + 1/1 – Open Mat from 12pm – 2pm on the days between.

The Holiday season is closing in quick! In order to accommodate our Staff’s schedule and give them time to be with their families, Robot will be closed Tuesday, December 24th and Wednesday, December 25th.

Robot will host open mats between Thursday, December 26th and December 29th from 12pm – 2pm.
There will be additional training times set up by members and students – be sure to “like” and stay updated with our Facebook page to catch those additional times!

Robot will be closed New Year’s Eve (Tuesday, December 31) as well as New Year’s Day (Wednesday, January 1).

Classes will be back on regular schedule on January 2nd, 2014. OSS!

3) December Student of the Month: Michelle B.


How long have you been training?
About a year and a half.

What made you want to start?
I used to love running but i kept getting injured. I needed to find something that I could do that wouldn’t be constant pressure on my ankle/calf. I had been wanting to try a martial art as well, so I decided to try Muay Thai and later Jiu Jitsu. I freakin love it!

Whats been your favorite part?
I have many favorite parts. Here are a few… All of the coaches at Robot are amazing, which everyone reading this already knows. 🙂 I love that I forget that I am working out because there is so much technique to focus on in both Muay Thai and Jiu Jitsu. Also, I work in Post Production and I often times have long stressful hours. When I get to Robot and start training, I forget it all. That said, this sport and Robot has been life changing for me. 🙂

What keeps you motivated?
All the coaches and members have kept me motivated even during times that I have been injured. Seeing results gets me motivated too. And a little extra motivation is my upcoming wedding in September 2014. I’m gonna look awesome in my dress! 😉

Any training tips you’d like to share?
I have learned that even if you are injured, there is always something you can do to train. And tiny changes to diet each week when starting out makes a big difference and it is easier to stick to. Strength and conditioning has made me stronger in both sports, as well as helping my injury recovery. Also, I recommend private sessions. It’s so much fun, and it gives you the opportunity to focus on some of the things that you want to, as well as what your coaches may think you need to focus on.

What is something you are proud of since you started training?
I’m proud of my ability to get punched, kicked, choked, and a thousand other ways of getting defeated… and I still come back for more.

Who is your favorite rock star?
I’m a huge fan of Jared Leto from 30 Seconds to Mars. He always has cool hair. Especially when he had the blonde mullet or pomegranate mohawk. Their music is good to workout too as well.

If you could turn into any animal, what would they be and why?
That’s easy… Lua!!!! Because she has the best life ever!!!! <3

If you could own a magical flying object what would it be? (i.e. flying carpet, flying, flying horse… etc)
If I could fly, that would be pretty helpful. Flying puppies would be pretty cool too. I don’t know how useful they would be other than being cute.

AND a little about yourself, anything you’d like to share with the gym, anything you’d like to add or have us quote you on…? Any life advice you’d like to give? An “I’d like to thank the academy” speech?
About me: I was born in New Jersey, but grew up in Fairfax, VA (outside of DC). I moved to LA about 10 years ago. I’m still an east coaster at heart. But there are a few things that I could not live without that are in Los Angeles… my finace, Robot, and my chiropractor. 🙂
Life advice: I recently watched the movie “Chasing Mavericks,” and I think everyone should “live like Jay!”
And for my academy speech (lol): I just want to thank everyone! You all make coming to class so easy! Not many people can say that about the place they train! Thank you so much Coaches Tim Peterson, David Telfer, David Huerta, Orion Lee. You all inspire me so much! xx

-Coach Tim