Robot Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Closed Guard Review

Robot Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Closed Guard Review

Hey all!

So, we spent several weeks studying the Closed Guard and now we are moving on to our study of the Mount. Below you’ll find a quick review of the major movements we covered from Closed Guard. I put the movements in roughly the same order that we studied them in class – try to remember which cue lets you know how to properly move forward in the sequence. For example, when you are attacking with the cross-choke and your opponent starts using their arms to defend, what attack do you transition to if their elbow is far from their torso? What attack do you transition to if their elbow is close to their body?

Closed Guard Attack Sequence:
a) Always start by controlling the head (turn on your side, post on your elbow then hand, grab their head with two hands and use your entire body to bring them down) -> after controlling the head, the safest primary attack is the Cross-Collar Choke or the X-Choke.

b)  The X-Choke can be performed with the first hand palm-up and the second hand palm-up or palm-down – whichever grip you use, your head goes towards the side of your top choking hand (in our practice, a right-handed person would have their right hand palm-up, their left hand on top of their right, palm-down, and their head would go towards the back of their own left hand). If you feel the need to open your elbows to choke, instead, get a deeper grip (especially with the first hand) and, after closing your hands completely into fists, twist your hands like you are turning a doorknob with each hand, then pull your elbows along your side and press your wrists into their neck (you are aiming the narrowest portion of your wrist at the corners of your training partner’s jaw).

-At this point, a number of things can happen, so let’s review at some of the possibilities: 

c.1) Your training partner attempts to posture up and pulls away from the choke -> Use the Hip Bump Sweep to use this momentum against them. If they post their hand to stop this sweep, you can use the Kimura, the Triangle, the Guillotine and the Omoplata.
c.2) Your training partner brings their arms over your arms to try and choke you before you can choke them and / or attempting to break down the structure of the choke (moving your elbows into poor position, breaking your grip, bringing their arms between your arms and their chest).

d) Depending on the placement of their elbows in c.2), you will likely be able to:

d.1) Use the armlock – When your training partner’s elbow is crossing the center of your body (think of their elbow crossing over your spine) you can trap them with the high-guard (climbing the bend of your knee on top of their shoulder and then re-closing the guard) . From here, work through to the armlock submission, keeping your guard tight on their shoulder line!

d.2) Use the triangle – When your training partner’s elbow is moving towards their spine (as if they’re trying to pull their arm out of your guard) you can push this arm through for them and lock the triangle. Remember that head control is paramount when using the triangle, so when in doubt, grab their head and pull it down! Be sure to adjust the triangle as necessary until it’s tight enough to finish. Lastly, you can use the triangle after you attempt the armlock if your training partner pulls their arm out of the armlock.

d.3) Use the arm-across sweep and back take – When your training partner is moving their elbow in a way that exposes the armlock (d.1) BUT they are preventing the high-guard with their other elbow, you can trap their arm in place by gripping their armpit all the way around the back. From here, you can pendulum sweep to the mount. If your training partner is pulling their weight away from you to stop this sweep, then you can climb out towards their back.

– Control the head, attack their shoulder-line + arm positioning + sweeps as they maneuver themselves to remove the head control.

Happy Training! OSS :]

-Coach Tim


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