Robot Fight & Fitness: August 2014 Newsletter!

Robot Fight & Fitness: August 2014 Newsletter!

August Update:

Hey all!

There have been a lot of significant happenings at Robot this past month (belt ceremony promotions and the 5 year anniversary party for starters) and many more events upcoming in August.  Last month we talked a little about community and how we want Robot to be more than just a business.  If we can continue to make it a place for you awesome people to hang and have fun, we’ll be happy! :]

This month we’ll talk more about competing because we have a stellar group of guys and gals at Robot and we like alliterations!  We have had a lot of recent wins for our coaches and our competition teams.  Coach Luke, Coach Andrew, and Coach Angela all recently competed and won.  Woot-woot, go team!  The Bots Competition Team participated in the Vulkan California Open last weekend.  We have two more contests upcoming this weekend: Coach Domo will be fighting MMA tomorrow night (August 9th) and a group of students will also be participating in the North American BJJ Tournament tomorrow.  If you ever wanted to see a real fight or tournament in person, we strongly urge you to attend any of these upcoming events.  Any given month, at least one coach or member is competing, and the matches are a lot more fun when you have someone to cheer for.  Scroll down to the bottom of the newsletter for more details about any of these events :]

Be sure to check out the Robot Fight & Fitness Facebook for more information daily!  As always, you can brush up on your technique by visiting our Youtube channel. OSS.

1) Belt Promotions Recap:

We had our belt promotion ceremony last month and Robot-belt-ceremonysaw a lot of hard work and dedication pay off!  There are four major promotions in Jiu Jitsu and each promotion marks a monumental improvement in both your skill and understanding of the Art.  Congratulations to every member in Muay Thai and Jiu Jitsu that received a promotion!  Even if you didn’t receive one now, remember to keep up the hard work.  Belts are earned, not given.  Also, if you haven’t noticed, Tim is no longer the only black belt resident at Robot :]  What?!  We now have four more!  Congratulate them by asking for a roll.  Put their new promotions to the test!



2) 5 Year Anniversary Party Recap:

What a blast!  The anniversary party was wild and fun-filled.  We had pinatas, robot-anniversary-party-pinataraffle prizes, margaritas, tacos, and dancing!  And did you see those shorts?  Everyone that attended received a Free Intro Membership to give to a family member, friend, or loved one.  If you haven’t shared the intro membership yet, do it soon because the intro classes are steadily filling up!

We want to thank everyone that has made Robot what it is over these past 5 wonderful years.  It’s amazing to be an organization that has such a strong sense of community.  If you weren’t able to make it out this year, mark your calendars for next year because it will be even more fun!

3) August 9th – Coach Domo’s MMA Debut:

Hollywood Park Casino: coach Domo’s MMA debut fight is happening tomorrow!Domo-fight  Doors open at 5pm and the fights start at 6pm.  Talk to Coach David for tickets!  You don’t want to miss Domo Smash :]

When: TOMORROW! Saturday, August 9th.  Doors open @ 5pm.  Fights start at 6pm.

Where: Hollywood Park Casino

Price: Ask Coach Huerta or the front desk

Why: To support Domo and the Robot family!


4) Vulkan Jiu Jitsu Tournament Recap:

The Vulkan California Tournament happened last weekend on August 2nd and August 3rd.  Coach Andrew as well as the Bots Competition Team competed and took home some hardware!  No matter how you finish, it’s important that you have fun while competing.  But it’s always an added bonus to get a medal.  Owen G and Billy B both took home silvers!  Hard work pays off young ones.


5) Member(s) of the Month – and finally the unveiling of the new black belts!

For this month, we don’t have just one member to show off because we have FOUR!  That’s right, we asked a couple of the new black belts the questions you’ve been lying away at night wondering about ;]


David Telfer:david-black-belt

What got you started in BJJ?

I wanted to learn self defense- walked into a BJJ gym in Brazil.  I had no idea what it was.  I was deciding between kung fu and bjj 🙂

What made you stick with it?

I loved it immediately.  It also helped I was naturally more aggressive than my buddy who started with me and I thought I was therefore “naturally gifted” at it.  Turned out I was just a jerk.

Rainbows, unicorns or waterfalls? why?

Waterfalls.  Because I don’t like sticking to the rivers and lakes that I’m used to.


Sean Reihl:Sean-Reihl-black-belt

What got you started in BJJ?

I started training at a place that was more boxing/thai boxing oriented, but we would also roll no-gi.  None of us knew what we were doing, but a few of the guys had techniques on tape from Roy Harris I believe.  One of my training partners figured out how to do an ezeqial choke from mount (he called it the “nightmare” choke), and I could not figure out what was happening, and why I could not get out of this ridiculous situation.  This sparked the interest and I began to seek out training in bjj, which was only so I could get back up to my area of comfort, and box/kickbox — BJJ is for losers.  Who wants to roll around on the ground just hugging someone!!!  10 years later, I exclusively train BJJ.

What made you stick with it?

My interest in gi-training increased as I watched more videos of the top level black belts manipulating the gi to their advantage, trading grips, and finding super odd looking positions to counter each other.  “What is that all about?  There must be a reason they are doing this…” <— That is me talking to myself at the time of watching the videos — Have some imagination and picture me talking to myself.

Anyways, I saw the space to be creative within certain parameters, and more or less experiment each time I trained.  With all of that, the workout became a really nice perk, and just another reason to show up consistently.  At the end of the day, I found the irony of being choked by a uniform, that you are required to wear in order to train, odd and fascinating all at the same time.


Tom Wasiewicz:Tom-w-black-belt

What got you started in BJJ?

Watching Royce Gracie wreak havoc in the first few UFC events.  Paradigm shift.  It flipped everything pop culture had taught me about martial arts.  I should also mention The Karate Kid (the original).  I’m assuming there’s no need to elaborate.

What made you stick with it?

Jitsu scratches many of my itches: exercise, camaraderie, competition, creativity.  But my favorite aspect is that Jitsu puts me completely in the moment.  It’s hard to think about work when Tim is choking me.  Which is to say, Jitsu whittles life problems down to a manageable size.

Rainbows, unicorns, or waterfalls? why?

Funny you ask.  I was just thinking it could be lucrative to breed together unicorns and horses, where the top half is a horse, and the bottom half is unicorn.


Paul Braugner:paul-theodore-roosevelt

What got you started in BJJ?

It all started because I would get a lot of catcalls walking down the street.  I got sick and tired of all the unwanted attention so I decided to learn a martial art to be able to defend myself.

What made you stick with it?

I realized I looked too awesome in a gi to ever give it up.

Rainbows, unicorns, or waterfalls? why?

The motto I live each day by is “Don’t go chasing waterfalls, please stick to the rivers and lakes that you’re used to.” – TLC

Now that you know more about the newest black belts, ask them for a roll next time you see them!  Hard work pays off.  Congratulations everyone!!

-The Robot Family :]

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