Robot Muay Thai: Thai Clinch

Robot Muay Thai: Thai Clinch

Robot Muay Thai

Thai Clinch


A proper fighting stance in Muay Thai includes the boxer keeping one foot in front of the other, his chin tucked, and a slight crouch.  Some fighters use a more pronounced crouch than others.  When it comes to clinchwork, however, a fighter should immediately straighten and square up to his opponent, lifting his chin and rising up on the balls of his feet while pressing his hips in to his opponent’s hips.  Remaining in a crouch with one’s chin tucked is counter-productive in the clinch because it readily invites one’s opponent to grasp the fighter in the double-neck tie and pull the head down for knee strikes.  By “Posturing Up”, the fighter prevents his opponent from gaining leverage on his head and closes the gap so that the opponent has little to no room for his elbow & knee strikes to be effective.
Posting refers to keeping a hand on the opponent, typically on the shoulder or torso.  This helps a fighter maintain leverage in the clinch and prevents his opponent from getting the upper hand.  A fighter should always have keep one hand on his opponent in the clinch, which will aid him in creating space for his own techniques to succeed.


Muay Thai has numerous “patterns” to its footwork.  There are patterns to move forwards, backwards, sideways…  even up & down.  In the Muay Thai Clinch, the most essential pattern to a fighter’s footwork is learning to step at an angle, then pivot his other foot as far as 180 degrees.  This footwork is utilized in many clinch defense and counter techniques.

One of the most difficult aspects for novice clinch fighters to overcome is the natural tendency to tense up while clinched.  A fighter needs to be continually reminded to use technique only!  Don’t try to “muscle” their way through techniques.  As in all grappling arts, a fighters should learn to use proper technique from the proper position, as this gives one the advantage of leverage over his opponent.  A fighter who attempts to power his way through techniques will soon find himself fatigued and will fall victim to his opponent
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