Robot’s Holiday Gift Guide

Robot’s Holiday Gift Guide

Holiday Essentials for Muay Thai and BJJ:


The Guide:

1. The Bridge Gear gloves: We wouldn’t carry this brand if they weren’t good enough for the pummeler in your life :]

2. Other top glove brands: Top King, Twins, Fairtex (Emily really, really adores these Fairtex gloves…cough…cough…)

3. MMA Gloves: Also Bridge Gear. Don’t buy those 2 oz. UFC gloves from Sports Chalet or you will end up killing someone during sparring.

4. Shin Guards: slip-ons are sweet because they are cheap AND you can wash them. Sizing tip – they should meet right below kneecap to knuckle of toes.

5. Headgear: We carry a few different brands of these. Check out the all-knowing Orion’s headgear guide here. Your entire cranial region will thank you later.

6. Enois or Robot Gis because yea do I even need to explain this?

7. Smash!!! Sorry Leo.

Other tips:

•When buying a mouthguard don’t get nano or low pro mouthguard, want something thicker so you don’t lose any teeth. You need those for eating cookies.
•For gloves – The ounces define the amount of padding, not how much the glove weighs. Men weighing 150-155  should use 14oz for sparring. Bigger guys (i.e. Joe Schilling) need 16oz and above. The average woman can use 10 or 12oz (unless you are Miriam Nakamoto then please use 14oz for all the sake of all of our faces).