Kids Martial Arts & Fitness Summer Camp

Kids Martial Arts & Fitness Summer Camp

What You Need To Know:

Dates: June 24th-June 29th

Early Drop Off – 7:30am
Late Pick Up: 5:30pm

$247 if you sign up by June 19th
$299 after June 19th


For those that arrive early, we will have footage from Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Muay Thai competition footage for the students to watch and study before we begin training. At 9am, we will have a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu training session. After that, we will have a short break and then some educational activities. These will range from Portuguese lessons (so they can count in Portuguese during Brazilian Jiu Jitsu class!), to active listening sessions and more. Following that, we will have a Muay Thai training session. Then, another short break and we will wind down the day  with more discussion and educational activities.

While it is possible for students to attend class that evening, for most students it will be too much training. It would be better for students to come to Camp the next day with a full tank of energy and make the most of the training during the day. Feel free to ask Coach David or Coach Tim if you have more specific questions regarding this or any of the other aspect of the Bots Summer Camp :]

Martial Arts, Fitness, Portuguese Language, Communication Skills, Healthy Food, And More!!!