What is a Turkish Get Up?

What is a Turkish Get Up?

Exploring the Turkish Get Up:

A Turkish Get Up is an amazing exercise that has absolutely nothing to do with how a Turkish person gets out of bed. Legend has it that old time strongmen taught their apprentices the get up and told them to come back when they were able to do it with 200 lbs. After doing that, they could be considered strong. Although the get up is at least 200 years old, modern science views it as an exceptional exercise. Gray Cook, physical therapist to Navy SEALS and NFL teams, has said, “the Turkish Get Up is the perfect example of a primitive movement patterns-from rolling over, to kneeling, to standing and reaching. If I were limited to choosing only one exercise to do, it’d be the Turkish Get Up.”

“For many athletes learning to lock the ribcage on the pelvis is essential for injury prevention and performance…” stresses premier spine biomechanist Prof. Stuart McGill. “A terrific exercise for transitioning into performance is the Turkish Get Up, where the spine posture is controlled and the overhead weight is steered as the body learns more movement strategies that maintain torso stiffness while driving with other extremities.”

The Get Up promotes shoulder stability, mobility, and resilience. It improves one’s strength in many ways by teaching the important skill of “linkage,” while eliminating “leakage”. “Stabilizers are what give you the mechanical advantage to be stronger,” explains Gary Cook. “This is how the Turkish Get Up makes you stronger.”

When performed with high volume (high repetition), the Get Up promotes shoulder and upper back hypertrophy (muscle growth). Which is beneficial for any contact sport athlete. When done with heavy weight, the Get Up becomes a great midsection exercise. In an experiment comparing the Turkish Get Up to 50 other exercises, it was the only one that had over 100% peak activation in all four core muscles. That’s pretty hardcore!! Regardless of what you do, the Turkish Get Up will benefit you and make you stronger. Why did I choose today to talk so much about the Turkish Get Up? We’re turning theory to practice people, because next week we’ll be doing it for real.

Upcoming this week in Strength and Conditioning: The Turkish Get Up


This week we will be covering all the skills / movements covered in the Turkish Get Up including: shoulder packing, abdominal bracing for improved performance, the half windmill, the low sweep, and the lunge.

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