Using Full Body Tension to Maximize Force

Using Full Body Tension to Maximize Force

Use Full Body Tension

“You can lift a maximal weight only when every, with no exception, muscle in your body tenses.” – Vladimir Kravtsov, Russia’s number one bench presser.

It is very fascinating that if you generate full body tension without losing your focus on what you are doing, your other muscles will not be “stealing” the neural drive from the prime movers (big muscles doing most of the work) but will be sending it extra power!!
In other words the more tension you apply, the more force you can generate. Tension = becoming more awe inspiringly awesome.

A century ago a russian scientist Alexey Ukhtomsky coined the term dominata.  In plain english, dominata can be defined as an intense single goal burning in one’s nervous system, a goal that suppresses all other goals or “feed” on them.  The former refers to inhibition of other functions.  The latter means that other stimuli coming in, instead of causing the reactions they are supposed to cause, will make the dominant excitation (goal) even stronger.

In short, dominata is about making one function far more important than the rest and making other functions its slaves.  So if you generate full body tension while keeping your focus on the lift, the neural overflow from the “unnecessary” muscles will make the prime movers contract harder.  This again, comes with practice.  Enjoy the strength!!

Coming up this week: The Military Press

This week in class we will be covering one of coach Orion’s favorite exercises, The Militray press.  The press is a very simple yet extremely effective exercises for strengthening the body as a whole. It places heavy amounts stress on every muscle group in the upper body and also works your lower body as well.   Another nice thing about the press is that it will turn your arms into steel (suns out guns out).  Some if the techniques you’ll be learning in class this week will include: How to generate max whole body tension, wedging, power breathing, pulling the trigger, and of course, the press.  Looking forward to seeing you guys in class!!

Congrats To All Those Who Competed In Worlds

For those of you who don’t this past week was the world championship in Jiujitsu. I would like to congratulate all those who competed.  Win or lose, the experience you gain from competing is worth months of training time. As long as you take something away from the mat with you there is no loss, only a learning experience. Keep competing, keep training and keep smashing.
Robot salutes you!

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