Weekly Robot Muay Thai Update

Weekly Robot Muay Thai Update

Hey All!

Hope you all had a great Father’s Day!

Congratulations to all the BJJ students who participated in the belt promotion ceremony this weekend!

Now that we are getting a better understanding on how to counter the “Roundhouse Kick” we must Drill! Drill! Drill! Remember that practice makes perfect and the only way to get better at something is repetition. During this week of training we will continue to go over the “catch and sweep”, “parry and counter”, and “check and return”. We will focus on the common mistakes people make when trying to execute the move. Please ask questions!

Here’s a awesome video highlighting some of the sweeps we have been working on! Click Here To View Video


Please make sure to bring your sparring gear to each class! Sparring is the only way to test yourself without ever having to fight. Light sparring is a great way to work on your techniques without having to get injured or worry about getting knocked out. We will do a lot of drills during class this way you have already practiced checking, parrying, and kicking each other before the first round of sparring even begins. The point of sparring is to learn something and focus on a technique or Combo/Counter. It is not a competition! If done correctly both partners should be able to work on a part of their game they need to improve while also getting a great sweat in.

Here’s a video of two of the all time greats showing you how its done! Click Here To View Video

Women’s Muay Thai!

To those of you who started with the “bootcamp” class, please continue to show up on Monday and Wednesday at 8:30 pm! Now that you’ve had a chance to drill and spar with the intermediate class we can start working on combos and counters that you might have missed in the women’s class. It is important to have our more experienced girls in class to help guide the newer students. Hope to see you all tonight!