Online Betting on MMA in India Guide

Indian sports fans have always been famous for their excitement and enthusiasm. Not a single sporting event goes unnoticed and causes a wave of excitement throughout the country. The most popular sports are game or team sports, but recently everything has changed significantly. With the rise of major mixed martial arts events such as the UFC, MMA fights have gained immense popularity among bookmakers and sports fans.

Each fight is unpredictable and in many ways resembles a regular sports match or race. All the same risk, excitement and speed. However, mixed martial arts allows you to feel the primal power that makes the hearts of the fans beat harder and the fists clench.

MMA staking is becoming more and more popular in India, which forces bookmakers to constantly expand the list of available bets on this sport and offer favorable odds. The most prestigious championships such as the UFC are always heard of and widely available, but besides this tournament, there are a huge number of other events around the world that can bring huge benefits to gambling.

We will try to figure out what MMA fights are, why they are so popular, what are the competitions dedicated to this sport, the history of their development, the most popular and effective fighters, and most importantly, how profitable it is to bet on MMA and earn money! We will also find out which bookmakers in India offer the best conditions for wagering on online fights and get a detailed description of each of them.

What is Online MMA Betting?

Martial arts betting brings fabulous dividends to betting fans due to the huge excitement among the young audience that constantly watches matches LIVE on popular betting platforms.

In India, UFC fights have long been attracting more viewers and stakes than other traditional sports. Thanks to this, the odds for such events are becoming more profitable, and the number of bookmakers offering their services for wagering on MMA is constantly growing. It is worth learning about the most popular of them and comparing the conditions provided to choose the best option.

That is why it is important to understand how to make a profitable bet on a fighter and make a profit. First of all, you need to find out the performance of a fighter and his basic skills. In the cage of the octagon, which is the standard shape of the arena for such fights, fighters who initially specialized in a certain type of martial arts often converge and only later began to fight in the MMA format.

For example, a kickboxer will work well in the stance and deliver devastating blows to the head and body of an opponent at long and medium distances. However, an experienced athlete who has studied Brazilian jiu-jitsu will easily gain an advantage in a fight at close range by being able to grab an opponent and perform a throw or choke hold.

Therefore, in order to make a successful prediction online, you need to pay attention to many factors:

  • fighter skills;
  • his health and physical indicators;
  • trainer and training style;
  • morale and will to win;
  • current odds;
  • age;
  • arm span;
  • the weight;
  • promotional platform;
  • past successes;
  • growth;
  • ability to withstand impact;
  • usual lifestyle!

Every little thing can lead to the defeat of a fighter, which will negatively affect the predictions for the outcome of the battle. A recent injury or quarrel with your wife can prevent you from fully concentrating on the ongoing fight. Balanced rest, coupled with regular training, on the contrary, will help to realize your full potential.

That is why we recommend that you immerse yourself in the world of mixed martial arts and learn how to place successful bets online!

MMA Betting is Legal in India?

Mixed martial arts is an officially recognized sport, no different from other Olympic disciplines. This is why MMA staking is just as legal as any other online betting.

Any platform that accepts bets and has the necessary license can offer predictions for fights of this format.

Each bookmaker operating in India is regulated not only by international financial licenses but also subject to Indian law, which provides double protection and reliability to all players in the country.

When placing a bet on an officially registered platform, you can be completely calm and not worry about the legality of your actions.



Top MMA Organizations

The history of MMA and mixed martial arts dates back to ancient times. In ancient Greece, wrestling was extremely popular, which included grappling, grabs, and other now popular techniques. Then the direction of percussion technology began to develop, which paid more attention to fists, rather than grips. Soon these two currents merged to form a separate school, which is commonly called mixed martial arts. The well-known Judo or Sambo are bright representatives of the school of mixed martial arts. The point is that punches, kicks, elbows and knees alternate with chokeholds, throws, pushes and sweeps.

Such a variety of techniques requires great training, agility and strength from athletes. That is why top fighters become truly an icon to follow among sports fans.

For a long time, the most popular sport for online wagering was boxing, due to its spectacularity and aggressiveness, and wrestling was not interesting in terms of entertainment. However, everything has changed with the advent of new technologies and the advent of high-quality lenses that allow you to capture every movement of a fighter, because before that only direct and uncomplicated hand movements were available to television camera lenses.

In our time, an entire media empire has been built on fights without rules, captivating millions of people around the world. There are a huge number of different formats for different categories.

Let’s find out about the most popular organizations that you can bet on online and earn money.

Best Bookmakers to Bet on MMA

Even for an experienced bettor, it could be quite a difficult task to determine where is the best place to place a wager online, because it is necessary to take into account a huge number of factors that affect the effectiveness of the forecast. Indian brokers offer a variety of conditions for a wide range of events. Choosing the best option is not an easy task.

In order to choose the best bookmaker, you need to pay attention to the following points:

  • Availability of a mobile application;
  • Modern site;
  • Convenient and fast process of transferring funds;
  • Wide list of available events;
  • Presence of UFC, One, Bellator among organizations;
  • High odds;
  • Availability of rates in LIVE mode;
  • Variety of available payment systems;
  • Good feedback!

We decided to help players from India and make a small review of the most reliable bookmakers, paying attention to all the details of companies that affect gambling conditions in the region.




The activities of this broker in India have reached an unprecedented level and set a high bar for the quality of the services provided. The company is known for its rigorous approach and transparent conditions. Among other things, this platform has already collaborated with such legendary combatants as Conor McGregor and Mike Tyson. World-class stars involved in brand advertising testify to the broker’s reliability and impeccable reputation. On the Parimatch website, you could find a separate section dedicated entirely to mixed martial arts and betting on them. You could make a prediction on the site or in a convenient mobile application. All of the above organizations are represented on this platform. The activity of the site is fully regulated by international financial regulators and the legislation of the country.



This broker has many years of experience in providing high quality services in the Asian region and is constantly improving conditions for its clients. You can make a convenient prediction for a brawl and enjoy a spectacular clash right in your browser or using a fast mobile application. A distinctive feature of the broker is the availability of the most popular payment methods in the region. Due to the special conditions of cooperation with financial institutions, the deposit and withdrawal of funds is faster than other representatives of the industry. Also, each client has the opportunity to take advantage of excellent customer support 24/7 and solve any question or problem of interest.



This company is known to many players in the country for its generous bonuses and promotions, which allow beginners with small deposits to feel confident when betting online. The outcome of any battle is always a mystery and often completely unpredictable. That is why the VBet team provides an unprecedented wager insurance and cashback service! Each wager on mixed rumbles that you make on the site or mobile application is insured and in case of loss, you will be refunded 10% of the amount bet. Agree, that such conditions are more than beneficial for constant and systematic betting.


Royal Panda

Beloved by many bookmaker, which has always been on the same wavelength with its customers. Many events in the world of martial arts regularly fall into the field of view of the broker and are even broadcast on the site in real time. Favorable odds, LIVE wagering, reliable security and quality service are not a complete list of the advantages of this broker. Every wager you make can bring you fabulous dividends thanks to very generous odds and a wide range of bet types. Experienced players are advised to try real-time betting based on the match process. Sometimes one blow can be decisive and radically change everything. This platform is fully licensed and has no complaints about many years of experience in the country.



Favorite site for wrestling and boxing fans. Each wager responds with adrenaline in the heart and penetrates through and through. Dizzying odds and bonuses will not leave anyone indifferent. Even with a deposit of INR 1,000, any registered customer can receive a welcome bonus and make profitable predictions. For each battle, the platform provides a wide range of types of predictions to give complete freedom to users and provide more opportunities for earning. A fan favorite is LIVE betting, which allows you to watch the match while staking. According to the players, this is an indescribable feeling that every martial arts fan should experience.


How to Use MMA Odds Prediction in 2023 Betting


Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC)

Naturally, we decided to start our top with the most recognizable and respected brand in the world. For many fans, the UFC acronym has become synonymous with MMA. The most highly paid and outrageous athletes perform on this platform.

The company began its activity in 1993 as a platform where various fighters representing different martial arts schools could compete with each other. The first tournament was held in Denver and made a splash among fans of wagering and aggression. Subsequently, it was decided to hold such events regularly, but with modified rules, since the event was originally conceived as a show, but it was more profitable to consider the event as a sports competition by law, which was decided to be done.

In 2001, large investors in the person of Frank and Lorenzo Fertitta bought the rights to the UFC and made the director of their friend Dana White, who has continued to hold this position for 21 years now. Dana White owes his success to his promotional past, because he has been organizing and promoting boxing matches for a long time. This allowed him to quickly pursue an aggressive marketing policy for the distribution of the UFC in the United States, and soon this event was already talked about all over the world.

Currently, UFC screening contracts are worth millions, broadcast in more than 130 countries around the globe and translated into more than 25 different languages. Dana White is known as the most popular commentator, trainer, promoter and organizer of fights in history. Under his leadership, the UFC empire has grown to unprecedented proportions. Largely thanks to his work, the world learned about Connor McGregor. This man has become a real icon for all martial arts fans around the world.

If you are new to betting, then the UFC is a good choice, since the odds are always profitable, almost every bookmaker offers this event as one of the options, and the fighters of this promotion are always well-known, and you will surely be able to easily navigate and choose your favorite.

At the moment, the organization is based in Las Vegas and regularly holds its competitions, which are watched by a huge number of people around the world.

Best fighters: Conor McGregor, Royce Gracie, Khabib Nurmagomedov, Jon Jones, B.J. Penn, Anderson Silva, Matt Hughes, Frank Shamrock, Ronda Rousey, Georges St-Pierre. If you see an opportunity to bet on one of the above fighters, then this is a very good opportunity to earn money.

Bellator Fighting Championship

Another organization that has gained respect among millions of viewers and online betting enthusiasts. Each battle is imbued with a true spirit of competition and delivers an unforgettable pleasure to the spectators of this tournament.

Bellator MMA is an organization founded by Bjorn Rebny in 2008 in Hollywood and has since gained a reputation as one of the most spectacular platforms that has given the world the brightest and most unforgettable fighters in the history of wrestling.

The company is currently owned by the ViacomCBS holding and broadcasts its events around the world.
This format is imbued with the Spartan spirit and is a real forge of fighters strong in spirit and body. During its activity, the organization has held more than 240 battles, many of which have gone down in history forever.

Most betting platforms accept bets on fights hosted by Bellator and have extremely attractive odds. Due to the fact that the organization is less popular than the UFC, young and promising athletes often show their best results on this platform.

That is why it is very profitable to bet on unknown Bellator combatants, as their sudden success can bring huge profits to the lucky player.

Best members: Michael “Venom” Page, Gegard Mousasi, Michael Chandler, Patrício “Pitbull” Freire, Cris Cyborg, Paul Daley, Douglas Lima, Ryan Bader.

These athletes have become true legends thanks to this organization. If you get the chance to bet on one of these Bellator representatives, then don’t miss the opportunity to make a correct and profitable prediction!

ONE Championship

This organization has a huge popularity among the Asian audience, which ensures good profitability of bets on this event in India. A huge number of bets in India are made on athletes of this category. We advise you to pay special attention to the ONE championship.

This organization began its activities in 2011 in Singapore as an association of kickboxing, Thai boxing and mixed martial arts organizations. As a result, this format helped to discover a huge number of talented representatives of the Asian region.
Also, in addition to the classic format, female mma combatants began to take part in the ONE tournament, which allowed taking martial wagers to a new level.

At the moment, wagers on ONE are accepted by all major bookmakers in India and bring regular profits. For successful predictions of this format, you need to understand the local flavor and know certain trends in martial arts.

Often, ONE Championship broadcasts show amazing combinations of oriental karate techniques, Thai boxing, taekwondo and western boxing styles.

Best fighters: Eddie Alvarez, Aung La Nsang, Vitor Belfort, Bibiano Fernandes, Sage Northcutt, Nong-O Gaiyanghadao.

If you are looking for the best mixed arts staking opportunities in India, then this platform is the best option due to its regional flavor and popularity among the entire population of Asia. Also, more wagering options are available due to women’s fights, which sometimes attract more viewers than men’s clashes.

Rizin Fighting Federation

This organization is quite young compared to the rest and was formed in 2015 as a result of the collapse of the once popular PRIDE association. For seven years of its activity, the site has proved its viability thanks to spectacular battles and high odds from Indian bookmakers.

The popularity in India is due to the fact that the headquarters of the association is located in Tokyo and is aimed at promoting athletes from the Asian region. The best odds for rumbles of this format are available from bookmakers in the Asian region. Many current UFC contestants initially started their journey at Rizin, which makes wagering on young and promising fighters very profitable and attractive.

Best fighters: Floyd Mayweather Jr., Wanderlei Silva, Kazuyuki Fujita, Mirko Filipović, Amir Aliakbari, Osunaarashi, Shinya Aoki, Fedor Emelianenko, Peter Aerts. As you see, this promotion gave the world legendary combatants who are famous all over the world. Do not miss your chance and make a successful prediction for an performance of this format.