Khabib Nurmagomedov is the most viewed MMA athlete in the betting section

Mixed martial arts tournaments had a minimum of rules, so the humanity of the fights caused a lot of criticism. MMA is a sport that has professional status in the mid-90s. «Bloodbaths» have become an official type of spot with restrictions and rules.

This sport is represented in UFC, Pride, and Bellator. The Ultimate Fighting Championship competitions are ranked first in terms of popularity.

Mixed martial arts are similar to boxing. In both sports competitions, the fighters are divided into weight categories. The advantage of the first mentioned sport is that the knowledge of different styles serves as an advantage over competitors. Boxing knowledge is important, but it is not the key. In MMA, a fight has 5 rounds which last for 5 minutes.

The rules of MMA competition have changed a lot since the first fights. Multi-permissible methods in the rings led to damage to the condition of the fighters. Therefore, the changes were based on the preservation of the health of the athlete. Leading weight categories, the duration of the event, the availability of equipment, and prohibitions on severely traumatic armholes.

Along with the growing fame of mixed martial arts, such betting has become in demand. The winnings began to amount to decent sums and the odds surpassed other sports. The epic battles increase interest when betting on them.

Biography of invincible representative of MMA

The year of birth of the future champion from Dagestan is 1988. Khabib Abdulmanapovich Nurmagomedov was brought up in the family of a master of sports and a well-deserved trainer. From age 5, the young man learned the basics of martial arts.

At first, he was taught by his father, then Magomedov Saidakhmed.

The sportsman first appeared at professional competitions in 2008. In the same year, he became the first champion of the Atrium Cup tournament. The title of champion of Russia marked 2009. In 2010, victorious participation in two world championships. In 2011, he won 7 events at ProFC, thereby attracting the sympathy of the UFC.

Having become part of the largest company organizing MMA, in two years the fighter won a victory over three strong rivals. Behind the scenes, he was nicknamed the most promising newcomer.

2014-15 was a challenging year. The famous match against Tony Ferguson has been postponed many times. First, due to a rupture of Nurmagomedov’s cruciate ligaments, and the next year, due to a broken rib.

In 2016, after a break, he showed a fighting spirit. The fight for Darrell Horcherral ended in the third round. Due to a painful hold by Nurmagomedov, the enemy was pinned down and judgingly stopped the fight.

In April 2016, the much-anticipated fight with Ferguson for the interim lightweight title was rescheduled for next year due to an opponent’s injury. When the date came, Khabib was hospitalized with kidney pain.

In 2017, Nurmagomedov won his ninth victory as a member of the UFC. at that time, 25 victories were present in his biography.

In 2018, the fight with Tony Ferguson again did not take place. The competition was held with Al Iaquinta. Having won, he received the title of champion of the UFC. At home, he became a national hero. He was awarded the title of Honorary Citizen of Grozny and the award – the Order of Merit for the Republic of Dagestan.

The fight with Conor McGregor is an important moment in the career of Khabib Nurmagomedov. Athletes repeatedly spoke about each other in a not-the-best way in interviews. In 2016, a fleeting meeting almost escalated into a fight.

Finally, in 2018, it was agreed to meet in the ring. Due to the huge excitement, competition tickets were sold in three minutes. The fight was supposed to be the highest-grossing in the history of MMA.

The press conferences were not without controversy. The Irishman interrupted and insulted Khabib. He was late for another meeting. MMA participant said he did not shake hands with McGregor under any circumstances.

At the weigh-in ceremony, McGregor provoked the athlete, and even tried to kick him.
Khabib Nurmagomedov, during the single combat, went very well, he was the leader for two rounds. In the fourth fight, McGregor had to surrender due to a choking maneuver.

At the end of the competition, Khabib had a verbal skirmish with the opponent’s coach that followed the fight. He was declared the winner, but he was not awarded the championship belt. This event helped Khabib to take second place in the list of the best UFC fighters.

In 2019, the Nevada Athletic Commission suspended Khabib Nurmagomedov for 9 months and fined him $500,000. After the competition, he announced the suspension of his career in this sport. A three-time UFC lightweight champion and the 28-fight winner is currently in business. But he still wants to meet in the ring Tony Ferguson in the near future.

Khabib’s strategy

In MMA, combat tactics are divided into striking techniques – the athlete uses punches, elbows, knees, and legs, and wrestling – when throws, grabs, and suffocating techniques are used. Both tactics are commonly used. The fighters have a similar fighting technique.

After all, it is impossible to invent new tricks within the framework of the rules. But you can learn to use them in different ways, unexpectedly. Nurmagomedov’s skills include:

  • knowledge of sambo and judo;
  • use alternating use of knees, arms, and legs;
  • active attack, going forward without retreating;
  • transferring an opponent to the ground if he is too close;
  • at the end he takes control and makes submissions!

Personal life

The nationality of the athlete is avarian. Khabib often wears a papakha to events as a show of his roots.

He received his higher education at the Plekhanov Russian University of Economics.

Khabib’s relatives, namely the sons of his uncle Umar and Usman Nurmagomedov, also succeeded in the world of sports. He is a professional MMA fighter. The athlete’s father’s brother is a European and world champion in sambo.

In 2021, the sportsman released an NFT collection featuring his own image. The athlete succeeded in business. Khabib owns a mobile operator, a protein bar brand, and a gadget app. He also had a collaboration with Jacob & Co.

Khabib Nurmagomedov is a family man. In 2013, he married a girl with whom he studied at school together. Two years later, he became the father of a beautiful girl, Fatima, and two years later, a boy, Magomed. In 2019, he became a father for the third time.

In 2020, the sportsman was in the Forbes top «The most victorious Russians under 40».

Out of nine categories, he participated in MMA under middleweight and welterweight.

He became the sole owner of the MMA promotion, buying it out for $1 million. He called it the Eagle Fighting Championship.

Behind the list of Sport24 and PwC 2020, a Daagestanian is recognized as the most commercially profitable Russian athlete.

Now he is a media personality, his social networks are leading the search and attendance lists. He promotes a healthy lifestyle, quitting smoking and alcohol. It also spreads Muslim values to the public and even publicly condemns the inappropriate actions of famous personalities.

Activity for the past season

After a break at UFC 242, the athlete entered the battle against Dustin Poirier. The victory was obtained with a rear naked choke in the final round. In addition to defending his title, Nurmagomedov bothered to get the title of “Performance of the Evening”. This battle brought $6 million to the winner.

After the competition between the fighters, there was an exchange of T-shirts. This sign of respect was patched up for the sake of charity. Both items were sold at auctions.

In 2020, as part of UFC 25, the sportsman entered the ring against Justin Gaethje.

In the first round, the American did not allow Khabib to come up while in the standing position, and only at the end, the sportsmen were squeezed at the net.

In the second round, the opponent hit with low kicks, and the ace-sportsman responded with jabs. In the second round, the judge declared Khabib Nurmagomedov the winner due to his choke hold.

Against Tournament Round When
Justin Gaethje UFC 254 2 24 October 2020
Dustin Poirier UFC 242 3 7 September 2019


Strengths & Weaknesses


  1. only 5 losses at the beginning of his career;
  2. involvement in sports from an early age;
  3. various and unexpected attacks;
  4. good striking technique;
  5. strong in cardio;
  6. strong stand!


  1. knee injuries and broken ribs!

How to bet on Khabib Nurmagomedov?

To bet on MMA, you need to know at least a little about the sport and the fighters. By placing bets, you can use websites or applications made by bookmakers.
The most popular types of bets:

  • who will win;
  • how the fight will be won is also known as the outcome of the fight;
  • round betting- a bet on the total number of rounds, how many there will be. There is also a variation of this bet where they indicate more or less for the specified number;
  • live betting also takes place!

The outcome of a match can be determined in different ways. Submission is when the athlete says that he is giving up or taps the mat with his open hand. A knockout occurs when an opponent loses consciousness due to a blow.

A technical knockout is a stoppage of a fight by a referee or doctor when one of the fighters is unable to continue the competition. Judging decision when the calculated balls determine the winner or a draw. Disqualification is a rare but possible outcome of a duel.

How to place winning bets:

  1. understand the nuances of the battle. The rules of the battles may vary depending on the organization that conducts the competition;
  2. strategy. It is important to study the success of an athlete, namely the history of victories, the number of events held, and the ways of winning. It is worth paying attention to the skills of owning different styles of martial arts. Experience and possible physical injury are also important;
  3. sportsman analysis. The division into weight categories introduces its own characteristics. When a boxer just falls into a certain category, it is more difficult for him to deal with an opponent who has been competing in this weight for a long time.

The calculation of the force of blows can be unexpected for a beginner, or it can become an insurmountable obstacle. Also important data about height, and arm span. This affects the technique of attack and defense. The right application of the advantage in growth brings victory.

Where to bet on the MMA athlete?

The fighter consistently took first place in competitions. Years of practice with the best coaches have made him an opponent without weaknesses and with impeccable technique. As the UFC lightweight champion, he has many awards such as Breakthrough of the Year, Fighter of the Year, and multiple World Combat Sambo Champion awards.

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