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VBet is a legal bookmaker that has several licenses, including from the British Gambling Commission.

It is an international company that provides its services on all continents, looking for a different approach to each individual nationality. This is manifested in the support of local currencies, the creation of a local helpdesk, and the adaptation of servers for a smoother gaming experience!

The service is constantly evolving, adding more languages, currencies, sports, and so on.

All this is happening against the background of a massive advertising campaign and simplification of the registration process. Choosing this bookie for MMA betting is a big brain move!

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Pros & Cons


  • Wide Sportsbook with almost 4000 events each day
  • Huge Welcome offer
  • Smooth servers and optimized website
  • One of the best security levels


  • The service is largely aimed at the work of experienced gamblers and can be difficult for newbies
  • Withdrawals of a large number of funds may require additional confirmation



  • Website: https://vbelote.com/
  • Founded: 2003
  • Licence: yes
  • Mobile: Yes

Banking Options

  • Mastercard
  • Neteller
  • WireCard
  • etc.


  • English
  • Hindi
  • Turkish
  • etc.

Restricted Countries

  • Australia
  • Denmark
  • Canada
  • etc.


  • Yuan
  • Tenge
  • Lari
  • Euro
  • etc.

Customer Support

MMA Betting on VBet Bookmaker

MMA betting is a common way to grab quick cash without much effort. Thousands of people every day fill their wallets with help of their minds and knowledge. VBet is an excellent bookmaker that provides an opportunity to bet on MMA simply and without pitfalls.

Low commissions, a million user base, huge odds – this is just a small list of the advantages of the service. Let’s find out more about the bookie together and how you can make money with it!

The Legal Aspect of VBet MMA Betting

The bookmaker has official permission from the authorities of Malta and the UK to conduct gambling activities. It operates legally on all continents of the world, being one of the largest international bookmakers with a huge fan base and an unshakable reputation. It is also worth mentioning the cooperation with a dozen international and local payment systems that process applications from a million audiences.

There is also a list of countries where bookmaker’s activity is prohibited by decree of the responsible authorities. In this list, you can find such countries as the USA, Canada, Switzerland, Australia, and others. A complete listing can be found in the “Review” section. But, even if you live in one of these states, you have the opportunity to use the product using a VPN. And you shouldn’t face any difficulties either!

How to Bet on MMA Online with VBet

In addition to the usual casino, roulette, and slot machines, the company provides an opportunity to bet on various sports competitions. At the same time, the list of available events goes off scale, reaching 4 thousand items every day.

Clients choose between their favorite football, basketball, cricket, racing, and the less popular powerlifting, swimming, and golf. MMA bets deserve special attention. After all, the project team took care of the presence of all major and minor leagues on its website. Believe me, if you want to bet on any fight, it is already presented on the service!

Now let’s figure out how to place a bet online. It’s easier than you think! Let’s proceed step by step.

  1. Register on the site. The registration process is the most time-consuming and time-consuming among all subsequent ones. The problem is that the law obliges the company to check the documents of each person in manual format, which greatly complicates and lengthens the process. However, there is also a positive side. It is a careful approach to user verification that allows for maintaining a high level of system reliability and prevents attackers from disposing of customer funds. In the article, you will find separate instructions for registering for the service. But for now, you should know that you will need identification documents, email, and a strong password!
  2. Fund your trading account. You can’t bet without money. Therefore, after creating and verifying your account, you need to deposit money there. You choose the amount yourself, but all experts recommend not starting with large numbers. Replenishment is possible through dozens of different payment systems, including bank accounts, electronic wallets, and even cryptocurrencies. A more detailed list is presented at the beginning of this article!
  3. Select the sport you are interested in. You are most likely interested in betting on MMA. You are not alone! The MMA gamblers community has hundreds of thousands of people around the world. But, if you would like to try something different, the site always has a list of available sports with dozens of titles. Just choose the right one and move on to the next step!
  4. Select the event you are interested in. Every day on the site, bets are made on more than 4 thousand different sporting events. Most likely, you are interested in a specific battle that will happen in the near future. For a quick search, use the special function available on the site. You will save yourself a lot of time and will be able to proceed to the next step!
  5. Analyze the ratios. Before making a deal, it is necessary to carry out some calculations. First of all, it concerns the ratios and your potential risk-to-reward ratio. In the article, there is a separate block with information about calculating your profit by odds. Remember that you can not only earn on a bet, but also lose your invested funds. Make your choice carefully, relying on logic and facts, and not on emotions and advice from friends!
  6. Place a bet and wait for the result. The most emotionally difficult stage concerns waiting for the results of the battle. Many beginners make the fatal mistake of putting their nerves to the test and watching the fight they are interested in live. If you do not have nerves of steel and are seriously thinking about a career as an MMA gambler, then at first, it is better to minimize emotional stress and not watch the matches on which you bet!
  7. Take your winnings. After the victory of your favorite, there is only one unfinished business. Take your winnings and, if necessary, withdraw the earned funds from the bookmaker’s website. Thus, you will definitely protect them from a possible hacker or fraudulent attacks!
    As you can see, the process of online MMA betting is not difficult at all. Everything is done in a couple of minutes and in a couple of clicks. Good luck with your first trade!

Registration Process

In order to start betting on MMA, you need to create your own account. This is as easy as it gets if you know how.

Go to the website. You only need the main page, on which the inscription “Register” will glow in large letters. By clicking on it, you will open an additional window in which you will be offered available registration options!

  1. Enter your personal details. Don’t worry, we’re not talking about your bank account number or your card’s PIN. It is important to know your current country of residence, email address, and the password you have created. If you own any promo code, enter it on this page as well!
  2. Complete the registration process. Now, the service will automatically save your data and prompt you to log in to your account again for further work. Enter your email and the password you just created!
  3. Pass data verification. To have full-fledged work and guaranteed protection in case of unforeseen force majeure, you should provide your documents for consideration by the company. This is done in two clicks through the settings menu.

Congratulations! In just four steps, you have become part of the MMA gambling community with your own trading account!

Bonuses and Promotions

VBet provides its users with the opportunity to receive various bonuses. There are several types in total.

Welcome offer. A gift for beginners is provided once at the first replenishment of your deposit. In this case, the size of the gift depends directly on the amount of your transaction. Specifically, the bookmaker guarantees a welcome surprise in the amount of 100% of the first deposit amount and several dozens of free casino games!

Non-Deposit Bonus. Also, companies often offer gifts to regular users, in the form of free games in the casino or additional sports betting funds that you can use in MMA gambling!

Individual promotions and programs. From time to time, developers arrange events designed to increase the activity of customers. On such days, you have the opportunity to receive additional funds, win some kind of prize, or multiply the potential profit from winnings!

More details about current promotions should be found directly on the company’s website. There you will find all conditions!

How to Calculate Odds on VBet Site?

On the website of the bookmaker, you yourself choose the preferred type of display of odds. There are over ten different types to choose from, each displaying information differently. The most common of these is the common decimal fraction. Basically, it has the form of a number with one decimal place and an “X” in front of it.

How to calculate the potential profit from the transaction? To do this, you need to multiply the bet amount by the figure indicated in the odds. Let’s imagine you see the x2.5 multiplier, and you bet $100.

Accordingly, after your victory, the account will have 250 dollars or 150 dollars of net profit.
Beginners should not use other, more difficult-to-understand types of coefficients because this will greatly complicate the work in the early stages!

Start Your Career with VBet Today!

MMA betting can make you fabulously rich. And the VBet bookmaker will help you with this. An excellent portfolio, a large audience, and high reliability guarantee an excellent gambling experience both in sports betting and in a regular online casino! Good luck and high odds!



The main misconception of people who are not familiar with gambling is the lack of awareness about the principles of the system. Each bookmaker receives a state license from one of the countries of the world. VBet has a license to operate from the government of Malta and the United Kingdom, which makes your every action on the site absolutely legal!

Welcome bonuses take the form of a small cash gift from the company to you as a thank you after signing up. Bookmaker provides a guaranteed surprise in the amount of 100% of the first deposit amount, as well as dozens of free online casino games!

Yes, VBet has an application for mobile devices and personal computers. You can use them on a par with the usual online version. Sometimes they provide advanced features and using them is much more profitable and comfortable than the online version!