What should you know about MMA betting and Jon Jones?

This year, the legendary Jon Jones nicknamed Bones turned 35! The last time we saw him in the ring was back in 2020, when he won a controversial match against Dominic Reyes.

In the end, due to pressure from the fans and the federation, he gave up the belt of the winner and announced his transition to heavyweight league, which he never reached.

Despite the complex character and the large number of scandals surrounding the fighter, he remains a legend and one of the best in the MMA system as stated by specialists and media.

What is the background of Jon Jones?

Champion was born on July 19, 1987, in Rochester, New York. His father Arthur, being a deeply religious person, brought up his children so that they would not forget about the Bible and commandments. Mum – Camilla worked in hospital, who passed away in June 2017 after a long battle with diabetes.

Three brothers succeed sport genes of their father, who at one time was involved in running, and football and were the city’s wrestling champion.

Following example of his older brother, he made attempts to play American football. As fighter himself said, it turned out terribly. From playing football, not only memories remained, but also the nickname “Bones” which the coach awarded him because of his lean physique and thin legs, funny sticking out from under the football uniform.

In the world of wrestling “Bones” got in the seventh grade. At first, wrestling did not bear fruit, because then the young athlete weighed only 54 kilograms and in the early years he lost more often than he won.

But not only this reason became the impetus for the decision to engage in mixed martial arts. While working as a security guard, he met a girl who became pregnant with him, and he understood that his salary was not enough to support his family. This was the main impetus to become MMA fighter.

Start of professional career

His abilities in combat began to show from first performances. Even then, you could see a new superstar in him. The first serious rival of young 20-year-old newbie was Brad Bernard and his record of 2 victories.

From the very initial seconds, John behaved not as a debutant, but as an experienced fighter with at least 10 fights under his belt. Right after lower leg kick, he went behind and knocke drival off his feet.

And it seemed that the fight would end with a suffocating delight from Jones, but Bernard managed to escape from this situation. But that only bought him some time before he was tied up in clinch.

The next stunning performance performed by newbie was a throw through himself, a rather rare technique in MMA. After this throw, John managed to finish off his opponent. The last blow before the referee was forced to stop the fight was a soccer punch on a lying opponent.

After the stoppage of the fight, he was about to leave the ring, but at last moment he was turned around to hand cup and raise his hand to champion. And 4 months after his start in MMA, Bones finished in UFC, where he made history and became a living legend of this sport.

He has the most wins in title fights (14), the title of the best fighter in the league regardless of weight categories, which he held for several years, and a lot of epic battles.

Further wins and achievements

After his first match, he also won the next five battles, which attracted the at tons of the UFC. In the same year, under the leadership of this organization, he won the fight with Andre Gusmao.

For the first time, it was possible to compete for the champion title only in February 2011. He was offered to substitute Rashad Evans in the duel against Mauricio Rua, to which he agreed without hesitation. Jones won, capitulating to the opponent in the third round, and received the champion’s belt.

In 2012, he had a fight with the same Rashad, whom he replaced in the fight and received the title of champion. In September of same year, a fight took place versus Vitor Belfort. Bones won again, inflicting a painful hold on the opponent with his elbow.

The fight with Alexander Gustafsson was most difficult of entire career. During battle, Alex cut his eyebrow, but Jones did not give up and continued to fight. Also in 2015, he won a duel with Daniel Cormier. This was Daniel’s first defeat.

An evil fate overtook the athlete. The blame for everything was world fame. A lot of fans and a lot of money. Bones forgot about his family and training, increasingly devoting time to alcohol and drugs. As if repeating the fate of Michael Tyson.

Last fight

His last battle was against Dominic Reis. American Jones protected his UFC 247 light heavyweight title versus Dominick Reyes. The battle turned out to be very difficult, and almost equal.

The winner was determined by the decision of the judges, who unanimously gave the advantage to Jones: 48-47, 48-47, 49-46.

The bony extremely controversial unanimous decision broke defeated challenger, which did not prevent the American from remaining first in the ranking, regardless of weight category. Dominic himself took off to the first line in the list of light heavyweights.

The private life of Jon Jones

Thanks to godly education and the right sample of their parents in his personal life, fighter has been distinguished by loyalty. Fighter met his permanent companion Jessie Moses at the Endicott School. Soon sympathy turned into a romantic relationship.

But the couple was destined to leave because young man went to Iowa College. Here, future UFC star had fling with a local beauty. As a result of this connection, the first daughter of a fighter was born.

Returning to Big Apple, he reconciled things with Jessie, who forgave betrayal and soon became pregnant. Future parents moved into tiny housing of the girl, which she shared with her mother. The couple’s 1 child, daughter Lea, was born in 2008 when Bones fought Moises Gabin.

Victory in this fight anticipated further sporting success of fighter. Their 2 child Carmen Nicole, was born in 2009, and 3, Olivia Haven, in 2013. In same year, Bones made a long-awaited proposal to his common-law wife. Fans enthusiastically meet each family photo of an idol on Instagram.

Now Bones is going through hard times: he broke up with his fiancee Jessie Moses due to domestic violence: they have been together since high school, and in 2013 he proposed to her.

True, whether there was a wedding in the end or not – is unknown. But after the scandal, the coach kicked Bonnes out of the gym (it is believed that he beat the woman in front of their joint kids).

Jon Jone’s performance in the last years’

Jones has not appeared in the octagon since February 2020, when he won a unanimous decision over Dominick Reyes. Later, American, due to a conflict with the leadership of the promotion, vacated the title and announced the transition to heavyweight.

Recall that earlier UFC President Dana White noted that in the next fight, Jon could meet with heavyweight champion Francis Ngannou, or play for a temporary belt in a fight with Stipe Miocic.

Opponent Won\Lost Round
Dominick Reyes Won 5
Tiagu Santus Won 5
Anthony Smith Won 5
Daniel Cormier Annuled
Ovince Saint Preux Won 5


What are the strong and weak sides of Jon Jones?

Jones is considered by many to be best fighter in MMA history. The American’s statistics are phenomenal: since 2008, he has had 27 fights, in which he has won 26 victories and suffered only one defeat (Jones confidently defeated Matt Hamill in 2009, but struck an illegal blow).

So what makes him such a unique fighter?

Jon’s base is freestyle wrestling, which he did in high school, became a local champion, and won next title at Central Iowa College. Given development of college sports in the United States, winning a state championship is very cool.

Jon standardly changes the floors of attacks and stances (from left-handed to right-handed and vice versa). It is not aimed only at the opponent’s head. Bones will gladly work the body so that the opponent is hooked functionally, and then transfer the blows to the top.

The grid works especially well when there is nowhere to retreat. And Bones has never been knocked down.

He also has a very well-developed strategic sense. After Jon brought the opponent either off balance or out of himself, he has no choice but to cut himself. He never gets involved in senseless punch exchanges.

He moves away from the line of attack, cuts corners, and avoids any danger that could take away his victory. And, of course, in which case – it is well protected.
Jones’ weak point is discipline. It is a unique talent who has everything to win. Of course, most often it is these guys who have stories that can ruin everything.

Bones in periods got into scandals: he was the culprit of an accident, fled the scene of a crime without helping a pregnant woman, was caught with drugs, he failed doping tests. UFC President Dana White has repeatedly said that only he himself can defeat Bones – if he suddenly suffers another binge.

How to bet on Jon Jones?

The most popular trend in the world of betting in recent years is the active development of the live betting segment. With the right strategy, this format can combine passion and immediate benefit for the bettor. First of all, participation in the event itself. Yes, and emotions during such a meeting are felt more pronounced and exciting.

Bettor during Live meetings can adequately assess the dynamics during the meeting, quickly identifying characteristic changes in the confrontation – ahead of the bookmaker. Sometimes already at the beginning of the fight, you can understand who has a great chance of success, how long the underdog will last, and whether it is possible to expect a knockout directly in first round.

To work with Live bets, you need to closely monitor the course of the event, and respond to sharp jumps in odds, depending on changes in events in the battle. A prerequisite for sustainable success is not to rely solely on intuition and personal preferences, but to form, improve and adhere to personal strategies for success.

You should start by working out the basic universal rules that have helped many beginners go a long way from getting to know a bookmaker to personal success at a distance.

Where to bet on Jon Jones?

First of all, you should decide on the most favorable conditions for yourself. Conduct your own research on the available offers from various betting companies – having studied the information about the offered odds, available list, special bonuses, and other conditions for comfortable work.

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