Modern MMA is not the same as it used to be. A lot has changed in the new realities because originally it really was no-rules combat that limited players to poking their eyes out, inflicting serious bodily injury, and preventing death during the fight. What is this, we tell you further about the test.

What is MMA?

MMA is fighting without rules. More precisely, they were like that, once upon a time in antiquity. If you start studying the history of a battle, you can start with gladiators in duels. That’s when battles without rules were born. Both women and men fought, even children who were sold for entertainment and given to gladiators.

Many people confuse this one and the UFC. But they shouldn’t, because the UFC is not a combat style, but an organization that is responsible for advertising, hiring battles, organizing fights without rules, and broadcasting them on streaming platforms. So there is no need to confuse the two. You can follow no-holds-barred fights in the news and place bets on popular fighters.

History of MMA fighting: from gladiators to the present

The history of this kind of sport is bloody and unfair. People in ancient times loved to watch young warriors battle for life, mutilating each other. We can find descriptions of combat without rules in Roman, Japanese, and Chinese chronicles, which indicates the popularity of this dangerous sport. During the time of the gladiator fighter, slaves were allowed to gain their freedom through battles. Some of them took young girls and men for training to make warriors out of them. Some even became honorary commanders-in-chief of the army.

In the era of humanism and the popularization of liberalism, battles became illegal. In England, France and China, underground fight clubs were created. The lower castes of the population, who wanted to make some extra money, took part in them. The nobility and the rich came to see combat without rules, bets were placed on the best players and thus MMA gradually became a game of chance.

In today’s world, the 2023 battle is part of the culture. Players have to attend a lot of training and go from beginner to champion to earn recognition and find their fans. Of course, MMA is not the same now as it used to be, so there is a certain statute of rules for combat. That’s why these battles aren’t called “no rules fights”.

But players still risk their health and even their lives when they step into the ring. Nevertheless, it is popular all over the world, there are even fan clubs of popular female and male characters from fights. Every year competitions are held and a world champion in MMA battle is chosen, who receives a large monetary reward.

Competitions and Types

Such a complex sport as MMA is divided into certain types, which are engaged in by both girls and men. It is difficult to discern the popularity of MMA in its full form. From childhood, combats are trained in special clubs, depending on what kind of no-holds-barred fighting the child wants to do in the future.

Boxing as the simplest kind

Boxing is also a type of combat without rules. But it has a lot of rules if you study it in more detail. The battles are divided by weight class and age, the rank of victory. Battles in boxing take place in the ring, and the participants must wear special leather gloves, which do not allow much damage to the skin of both the fighter and his opponent. The fighters combat in the ring until the bellator rings to signal the end of the battle.

Boxers work with their hands and body to win. In addition, leg, abs and buttocks training are relevant for them to keep the whole body toned and able to withstand the blows of the opponent.

Boxing leagues are the WBC, WBA and WBO. Battles are held every year between countries and premier league champions. There are also small fights for beginners looking for a new meaning for “dark horse”.

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

This is also different from boxing. No gloves are used here, but the players are still dressed in simple tunics or sports shorts with an open torso.

Jiu-jitsu has its own style: in it, a weak opponent can bring a strong opponent to the ground. This is achieved through choking techniques, and the entire battle takes place on the ground.

For Brazilian-type jiu-jitsu, full body and strength training are relevant. Also, in order to put down a strong opponent, you need to have agility and stamina. There is an IBJJF organization that singles out world-class players.


Judo is now considered an Olympic sport. The whole world watches women’s and men’s teams from different countries push with gloves in the big ring.

In some ways, judo may resemble boxing, but the battle technique is completely unusual, so to understand judo future champions are asked to undergo completely different training.

The International Judo Federation regulates the IJF. They are responsible for the development of judo near me, the conduct of combat and the recognition of existing champions.


Thanks to men’s movies, now it is considered one of the most popular trends. There are more than 100 different techniques in karate, which differ in techniques with the feet, hands, breathing exercises, and more.

WJKA is the organization that is responsible for holding tournaments with karate around the world.

Of course, there are also local organizations that shape battles on a national and regional scale.


Kickboxing is one of the most exciting competitions.

Techniques of kickboxing include kicks and punches, so fighters need a lot of training in order to hone their skills and achieve success in this kind of battle.

Female kickboxing combats are very popular nowadays and they gather many fans around the world.

WAKO and PKO are two cool organizations that organize kickboxing combat. They set the rules, recruit fighters and hold fights between kickboxing champions.

Kung Fu

You may remember the cartoon Kung Fu Panda after reading these lines.

Neither, in fact, is a rather bloody and serious kind of fighting that often cripples fighters.

Like in other sports, combats need to train on their reactions, follow their opponent, and work the body to achieve the desired effect.

IFDMO is the cradle of Kung Fu culture, featuring some of the most famous champions of the past and true world champions.

These are the best in the world, who have already proven their primacy in this style.


As Korean culture has become more common, taekwondo has become cool. It is a unique style, where fighters fight with their bare hands and feet in special Korean-style suits.

Literally, taekwondo means “the way of the foot and fist”, then very poetically explains the very ideology of combat style. Learning taekwondo is not easy because teachers can only be recognized as coaches who do not violate the style of combat.

Taekwondo battles are conducted by the ITF, but there are other battles where different styles are involved. For example, the kukui style is used for the Olympic version of combat, as well as in the WTF.


One of the oldest styles of this sport. For a long time, wrestling was not defined as a specific sport, because it is difficult to define any style here.

Any technique that helps a fighter win is considered acceptable. But as of late, wrestling is a usual style of battle.

Wrestling has a lot of styles, from Greco-Roman to freestyle, so regional wrestling organizations or the UFC are usually responsible for organizing such battles. You can find some of the best fighters in Chennai.


The popularity of MMA in the world: why is it so popular now?

To be honest, bare-knuckle battles have always been especially cool. If you think it’s now that they’re experiencing their peak, they’re not. From gladiatorial fighter to battles in the Coliseum, to the rings of ancient Japan and China, combat without rules has been and still is popular.

Just made the story even better known, thanks to organizations like the UFC and the WBC. People like to watch the combat. There is no concrete answer as to why everyone is interested in this. The reasons for the popularity of MMA:

  • It’s a lucrative business for fighter promoters;
  • it’s a chance to prove themselves and put their name in the world’s champions;
  • it is a beautiful aesthetic sport;
  • it is a gambling sport that is often bet on;
  • the best fighters MMA receive big cash awards;
  • it is a need for “spectacle and blood.”

You can find your own reasons why the best fighters are common, but the important thing is that it is an incredibly beautiful sport to watch with bated breath. The championship in combat goes to the toughest battle. The feeling of the fight, the blood boiling in your veins, and the adoration of a world champion winner are the main reasons why so many teenagers watch and become fans.

There is also a not-so-pleasant side to this sport. After all, desi is directly linked to the infliction of injuries and the development of cruelty. That’s why it’s not recommended for children under 12 to watch no-holds-barred fights in which experienced fighters. But looking at it critically, we can’t protect children from the cruelty of the world. That’s why combat brings resilience, a desire to develop, to strive for a perfect body like their idols, and to develop sports imagination. They train 12 hours a day to defeat their opponent at the right moment. It’s an incredible spectacle you can’t look away from. Every workout brings them closer to victory, so watching this sport in the UFC is enjoyable and delightful.