5 Steps for an Unblockable Elbow Strike in Muay Thai

5 Steps for an Unblockable Elbow Strike in Muay Thai

Introduction to Elbow Strikes:

The elbow strike is a great weapon to use in close quarters because it is both quick and powerful.  Master this attack and you will have one of the most devastating weapons in your arsenal.  Use it if you find yourself too close to your opponent for a full kick or punch or after you have closed the distance between you two.  While there are many variations to the elbow strike, this article will focus solely on the 5 steps to perform the horizontal elbow strike.

Horizontal Elbow Strike:

The horizontal elbow strike, as its name suggests, is performed parallel to the ground.  It’s a quick strike used for close quarters that’s devastatingly fast and can cause a lot of damage.  Use it when your opponent drops their hands and you can quickly finish the fight in your favor!

How to use:

  1. Swing your elbow parallel to the ground.
  2. Keep hand close to chest (palm facing out).
  3. Pivot feet (left foot with left elbow // right foot with right elbow).
  4. Swing opposite shoulder back (this will add speed and power).
  5. Shift weight on feet while pivoting.

In order to have a complete game, it’s important to learn the best ways to attack AND defend every type of strike.  Below are a 4 steps to learn in order to properly defend the elbow strike.

How to defend:

  1. Double arm lock.
  2. Post on opponent’s shoulder or bicep.
  3. Use forearm to block.
  4. Tight guard.

As a bonus, watch this video on Muay Thai Elbow Knockouts to see how devastating an accurate elbow strikes can be:

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