USADA bans Michel Prazeres from fighting until 2025

A few days ago, USADA issued a statement saying that renowned UFC fighter Michel Prazeres had been suspended from fighting. He is not eligible to participate in any duel in the UFC until 2025. This ban should last four years.
Since USADA is the UFC’s official doping control partner, they have every right to remove fighters if they see fit. A similar decision for Michel Prazeres was taken due to a second violation of the rules by this fighter. Michel Prazeres has previously been convicted of doping. Then the athlete received only a fine and a warning. This time the punishment was much more severe.
After carrying out a routine examination and passing the necessary tests, several illegal drugs were found in the blood of Michel Prazeres that can affect the productivity of the body. This means Michel Prazeres is gaining a specific advantage over other fighters in the unfair UFC.
Despite being banned from fighting in the UFC, Michel Prazeres can still pursue his career as a fighter. He can participate in fights outside the UFC if the leadership of this organization agrees to such conditions. But as of today, until 28 August 2025, Michel Prazeres is not allowed to fight in the UFC Octagon.

Source: ESPN