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Robot Fight & Fitness: August 2014 Newsletter!

August Update:

Hey all! There have been a lot of significant happenings at Robot this past month (belt ceremony promotions and the 5 year anniversary party for starters) and many more events upcoming in August.  Last month we talked a little about community and how we want Robot to be more than just a business. ...
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Robot Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Closed Guard Reminders + Congrats to Competitors! :]

Hey all! We have spent the last couple weeks focusing on the closed guard and building a series of submissions from there. I would like to share a few tips / reminders to be aware of when using the closed guard as well as congratulate our competitors from this past weekend. :] [caption id="attachment_7386" align="alignleft" width="900"] Read more

Robot Thai Boxing

Robot Thai Boxing Stay consistent!  Repetition is the key!  We will continue to work on the clinch and knees but will begin to focus a little more on counter to knees and sweeps in the clinch.  Make sure  you keep practicing the various punch counters that we've been drilling on and use them when shadow boxing...
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