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Robot Thai Boxing

Robot Thai Boxing Stay consistent!  Repetition is the key!  We will continue to work on the clinch and knees but will begin to focus a little more on counter to knees and sweeps in the clinch.  Make sure  you keep practicing the various punch counters that we've been drilling on and use them when shadow boxing...
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Robot Fight & Fitness February Announcements

Hey all! We are quickly moving through our second month of the New Year! We are proud to have many familiar friends as well as new students training hard and improving without giving slack to the New Year slump. Keep it up! We are all training and learning together as a team and every year we...
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Robot Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Active Listening / Coaching

Hey all!

As your grappling skillz continue to improve, you will notice that there are different training methods used to improve specific areas of our grappling skillz set. For example, positional sparring is used to isolate certain areas encountered during sparring and draw your focus to a particular area. Our warm-up emulates the movement patterns we...
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Muay Thai Goals

Robot- Muay Thai- New Year

Happy New Year Bots! It's time to get started on those New Year's resolutions. Were you able to complete your goals last year? If so, great! Keep it up! If not, why? How far did you get before you stopped trying? My advice to you is to set short...
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